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Friday, November 12, 2010

Lakme Glide-On Eye Colour

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Ok, so since I am such a big fan of eye make-up, I thought this was the perfect way to begin the chain of reviews that is sure to follow soon. This happened to be a chance buy, on my daughter's recommendation (she is three and just loved the green colour and so did I).

The details:

Brand: Lakme
Collection: Lakme Bridal Sutra
Price: Rs. 275/-
Shades Available: 07 - Peacock Green (the one that I have used and loved), Smoky Green, Irridescent Blue, Metallic Black, Aqua Green, Warm Copper, Plush Purple

  • One of the most important things to check while purchasing eye-liners and kaajals is to check the tip. A rough or harsh tip can harm the eye. The best part about this glide-on eye-colour is that the tip is extremely soft. 
  • The colour simply glides on your eyes. 
  • You can choose to make it look dark on your eyes, or just give it a subtle hint of colour. 
  • As with most Lakme products, this too is long-lasting, and will see your eyes bright and beautiful through the day. 
  • The pencil can be used as an eye-liner to colour your upper lids, as a kaajal on your lower lid and also as an eye-shadow to give you that mysterious look.
  • If you are going to use it as an eye-shadow as well, put some colour on your lid and then blend well with a blending brush.
  • I find that spending INR 275 on a Lakme eye pencil is a bit too much. I mean, there are many more brands out there who have far better products than Lakme and are internationally renowned too, and there price is actually similar, or in some cases even lesser, than Lakme. So this was something that I definitely did not like.
  • Almost all the colours belong to similar colour-families. There could have been some more variety.

My Verdict: MUST-HAVE

- Debolina Raja Gupta