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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

#LakmeNineToFive Flawless MakeUp #LiquidFoundation Review

I've tried on a few different foundations over the years (even though I don't wear them much, but that doesn't mean I don't try!) but have never really liked one much to stay loyal to it. Most foundations I used earlier would start to run the moment I stepped out in the sun, or at the first signs of sweat. Some foundations would be good half the day but would start chapping by the second half, or, even worse, start to oxidise!

One foundation that I did try and loved quite a lot (and am loving the entire #LakmeNineToFiveRange) is the Lakme Nine To Five Flawless Make Up Liquid Foundation. If you're looking for a foundation that is fresh and light, and will stay on the entire day without any cracks or signs of chapping.

INR 575/- for a bottle of 30 ml.

Available Shades: 
The foundation comes in three different shades to suit different all Indian complexions, and the shades are Pearl, Brown and Shell, which will work for complexions ranging from fair, fair to wheatish and dusky.

Lakme claims that the foundation has a long-lasting formula that will neither streak nor smudge.

What You Will Like About The Lakme Nine To Five Flawless MakeUp Liquid Foundation

1. It is extremely light and will feel great on your skin, especially as you'll barely realise you're wearing any makeup.
2. The matte look is not something that will make your face look cakey, in fact, it will make your skin look fresh, without that uncomfortable shining effect.
3. It's also good for dry skin as it does keep the skin hydrated and supple throughout the day.
4. The formula works for a long hour, the entire day and even till late at night - I tried it out, wore it in the morning, spent an entire day, and it lasted well into the night (I'll do a test post on the same soon)
5. Works as a foundation as well as a concealer- I mostly use only a tiny bit and use it mainly as a concealer, and it works great.
6. Long lasting and waterproof, so no worries about streaking if you're caught in the rains, or are sweating. Perfect for me as Mumbai has only these two seasons - humid, when you sweat like mad, and rains.
7. Does not smudge or run with sweat.
8. The dispenser is especially good as you only need a pea-size amount of the product on your face.
9. Easy to carry and stylishly packaged.
10.Blends beautifully with the skin.

Everything about this product is great, except that it does not come with an SPF content and you may need to apply a sunscreen separately. But that is not so much of a bother, as the product is really good otherwise, and you can add a nice sunscreen underneath before you apply the foundation.

Keep In Mind While Using:
For those of you who have dry or mature skin, make sure you apply a good moisturiser before applying the foundation, as otherwise your skin may look patchy and dry. Also, applying moisturiser first and then using the foundation will make the skin look more even-toned.

I loved using the Lakme Nine To Five Flawless MakeUp Liquid Foundation and would absolutely recommend it.

- Debolina Raja