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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eye-Shadow Palette

While on a recent trip to the market, I came across these amazing eye-shadows. I am a sucker for anything colourful in a bottle or a palette, and am always drawn to such wonderful colorful things.

The product here is a local one that I found at a local drugstore. Its not from any brand that I know of, or have heard of, its really cheap, and is very easily available.

I have always loved eye-shadows, I feel they really help put your eyes on focus, and bring them out really well. Especially if you have coloured eye-balls or use coloured lenses, adding a touch of colour on your eyelids will bring out the colour in your eyes even better. I have big black eyes, so any shade works good on me. I don't always try and colour-coordinate them with the colour of the clothes I am wearing. As long as you are keeping it subtle, any shade will do.

The colours in this palette are quite strong, so they can either be worn on their own, or in a combination with other colours. The colour shades are brown, beige, olive green, blue, shimmer green, white, rust, lavender, aqua-blue and purple. All the shades are shimmer, hence using a tiny bit is more than enough. If you want to keep the look subtle and toned down, apply a very small dot on your lids and blend very nicely with a brush. For party-wear or night-wear, or when you really want to highlight your eye-shadow, you can do the blending a little less, but make sure it is evened out.

For a bolder effect, use two different shades, with a warm shade as base, and using the glitter at the outer edges. You can also bring in the eye-shadow to the inner corners of your eyes. This will open them up instantly, and is also great in a party, where the lights will catch the shades on your eye.

The product is priced at about INR 200.

Have fun girls...

- Debolina Raja Gupta