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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beyu Cosmetics Now In India

Beyu Cosmetics, the popular German cosmetic brand, has finally made its entry in the Indian market, and I am one happy customer.

As I browsed through their huge range of cosmetics, I wanted to try out a lot more than the two products I actually bought. I was looking for a mineral foundation powder and a blush and I found both at Beyu.I will review them here in the near future.

As of now, Beyu has brought in a whole range of products for the Indian customer. Here’s a look at the basic product and its price. I will do the reviews as and when I try them out personally. The price is a tad higher than the other cosmetic brands in India, but when it comes to quality, if you try out a Beyu product once, you will know that the difference in price is worth it. This would be especially true of the skin products from Beyu.

1. Mineral Foundation Powder: INR 1000
2. Blusher: INR 500
3. Mineral Blusher: INR 775
4. Skin Harmony Foundation: INR 900
5. Concealer Stick: INR 625
6. Catwalk Compact Powder: INR 990
7. Lip Gloss: INR 560
8. Sparkling Lip Gloss: INR 675
9. Waterproof Lip Liners: INR 475
10.Lip Lights (Tinted Lip Gloss): INR 950
11.Liquid Eyeliner: INR 580
12.Dip Eyeliner With Felt Tip: INR 650
13.Eye Liner Pencils: INR 475
14.Nail Colours: INR 249
15.Golden Sun Powder (Bronzing Powder): INR 625
16.Eye Shadow Primer: INR 475
17.Mono Eye Shadow: INR 410
18.Duo Mascara: INR 900
19.Model Mascara: INR 810
20.Duo Eye Shadow: INR 550
21.Fruit And Gloss Lip Stylo: INR 700
22.Catwalk Lipstick: INR 900
23.Star Lipstick: INR 625

- Debolina Raja Gupta