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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tips For Brides-To-Be Before The Big Day by Make-Up Artist Ayesha Wadiwala

All you lovely ladies out there.....waiting in anticipation for that BIG day? Well, as you get busy with all the planning, the shopping and the goosebumps (I'm sure there will be at least a few each time you talk about the entire Project with your friends and family!!) why not work on a few tips to get that amazing look on your most special day. Of course your mum must have put you on a beauty regimen already, or your friends may have been loading you with tips, but why not get some professional advice from our lovely Make-Up Artist Ayesha Wadiwala (the name behind making many Bollywood faces look even more gorgeous) on how to make that Big Day extra special and beautiful...Here's what Ayesha has to say:

Ayesha doing the makeup for Pooja Missra for a PETA ad.

Pooja Missra's completed look for the PETA Ad campaign after Ayesha's makeup

1. Schedule A Trial: Have fun girls, and try a few different looks until you find the perfect one. During your trial, ask for half of your face to be done as one look, and the other half to be done in a different look, so that you instinctively know which one looks better.

2. Wait: Wait for AN HOUR for the makeup to settle in and see how your skin reacts to the same.

3. Take Pictures: Take a few hi-resolution pictures of your trial immediately following the makeup and a few hours later to see how your makeup looks in the pictures and also to understand how well it will hold for longer hours.

4. Go With A Pro: Work with a reputable makeup artist who knows the intricacies of wedding makeup and knows how to apply long lasting, natural-looking makeup that will look great, especially on camera (since you would obviously want to capture these special moments of your life in reel). Remember, your hair and makeup need to last all day and it needs to look flawless and camera-ready.

5. Right Eyebrows: The right shape of eyebrows can really complement a face like nothing else. Brides should go at least once to a professional to shape them correctly, after which, you may choose to keep it self-maintained or continue with the professional.

6. Skin Care: Find a skin care regimen that works for you - the important thing is to care for your skin every day. Supplement of vitamin C and evening primrose oil will also help a lot.

7. Match Skin Tone: On your wedding day, after your makeup is done, make sure your face, neck and body skin-tone match.

Well, these were just a few of the makeup tips that Ayesha had to share at the moment. If you would like to know more or get in touch with her, please visit her page here: Ayesha Wadiwala MakeUp

- Debolina Raja Gupta