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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lip Shades And Their Actual Look On Lips

So yesterday, I shared with you the pictures of all these lip shades - lipsticks as well as lip glosses. Though many of them look super pigmented and dark, once you apply them on the lips they pretty much take on the colour of your lips and enhance them. Most of them are of the 'nude' variety or the natural look. I am sharing the pics below, as the lip colour in its packaging and how it looks on the lips. I am not doing a swatch here as I find that most colours look different on a swatch than what they look on the lips. So no point going there. Will try n do a swatch when Im doing a review.

Also, please note that I am NOT USING a lip liner here as many times the 'actual' colour of a lip shade gets affected by the colour of the lip liner. So I am using the colours just as they are. Note that these shades can of course be made to look darker or lighter depending on how much you are applying and with what colour lip liner you are using.I am also NOT USING a gloss on top, nor a lip balm. Its only the said lip colour on bare lips.

All pictures have been clicked in natural light. No flash used.

LAKME Sheer Satin Gloss in No. 61
This is how it looks on the lips. I have pinkish lips, so this gloss, which is a clear gloss, has no colour of its own at all, adds a sheer to my lips, nothing more.

 LAKME Sheer Satin Gloss in No. 21

This one is also a very natural kind of gloss with just the tiniest hint of a light goldenish brown.

STREETWEAR Lip Gloss #15 Shade is Chocolate
This one is a bit darker shade of a brown, as the name suggests. But this is the lightest it will be, as I have applied only a very little bit, not even a full one coat, I just put a bit on the center of my lips and then spread them out. So you can understand how pigmented these are.

THE BODY SHOP HI-SHINE Lip Treatment in # 02 Shade is Mauve Dream
In the tube it looks way way way dark and a chocolate shade. But on the lips, its a light sheery colour with a tinge of pink (the name mauve suggests the same), rather brown!

LAKME Aqua Shine Lipcolor - Shade is FIG
This is actually a lightest-brown nudish kind of color with only the slightest hint of a sheer. You can apply multiple coats to make this more of a brown.

LAKME Aqua Shine Lip Color in the shade - Wildberry
As the name suggests, a plum-ish colour. Can be used in multiple coats to make it into a dark purple.

MAYBELLINE Color Sensational #405 Shade is Yummy Plummy
This is more of a soft mauve/pink-ish shade.

 MAYBELLINE Color Sensational #435 Shade is Magnetic Coral

This is a coral brownish goldenish shade.

LAKME Love Shade is Rose Kissed
A pinkish nudish kind of shade

 AVON Ultra Color Rich Lipstick Sequins - Shade is Sparkling Plums
A shimmery plum color

AVON Ultra Color Rich Lipstick - Shade is Red 2000
Plain and simple red - bright and bold

REVLON Color Burst Lipstick - Shade is Rosy Nude
More of a pinkish nudish shade

MAYBELLINE Color Sensational #615 - Shade is Summer Sunset
Its actually a mix of goldenish and pinkish

AVON Extra Lasting (SPF15) X101 - Shade is Berry Lasting
A completely berry shade

MAYBELLINE Water Shine Pure No. M31 - Shade is Raspberry Wine
 A light reddish pinkish colour.

(*I noticed something in the pictures above, that the colour of my skin seems to look different with different colours. Just to give you an idea of my skin colour type, so that you can get a fair idea of how which colour will look on you, my complexion matches the one in the first lip picture where I am wearing the sheer gloss by Lakme, the colorless one.)

Hope you all found this helpful. And let me know what all shades you have and what is coming out new!

Thanks for dropping by :-)

- Debolina Raja Gupta