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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Maybelline New York Dream Mousse Blush Shade 40 Soft Plum: Swatch and Review

(BEFORE  I GO INTO THE DETAILS, LET ME BREAK YOUR HEART BY SAYING THAT MAYBELLINE NEW YORK HAS ALREADY DISCONTINUED THIS PRODUCT AND INSTEAD, REPLACED IT WITH MAYBELLINE DREAM BOUNCY BLUSH, so Im not sure how long this will be available at the stores. If not, you can always try online shopping as they still have a lot of discontinued products on sale).

I didn't really need a blusher right now, I'll be very honest. But then again, when would I not need a blusher, and why? ;-)

It's not that I put on the blusher 24X7, or put it on even while Im home, but come on, whenever I'm going out, I like to pat on a little colour on my cheeks, and the more different colours I have, the more fun, isn't it?

For the last few months I was addicted to the golds and the bronzes, and it's really suddenly that the pinks and plums have begun seducing me. I'm not one for pinks, at fact I steer clear of things that are pink..but this one was different! I was waiting for the Maybelline New York Dream Mousse Blush for quite some time now. In fact, I did try out the tester earlier, but unfortunately, the SA at the counter didn't have the colour I wanted. And finally, yesterday, I got mine! :-D

Before we go into the details, here's what the company has to say about the product:

Why you'll love it:
  • Air-whipped mousse blush feels satin-soft on skin, glides on smoothly and blends easily for seamless colour and a natural finish
  • Long-wearing formula provides luminous, long-lasting colour on cheeks without clogging pores
For Best Results:
With your fingertips, pat a small amount of blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Use feathery strokes to blend gently from your cheekbones to your temples. To build colour consistency, apply more blush.

The shades for this product are:
Pink Frosting - New replacement is also Pink Frosting
Peach Satin - New replacement is also Peach Satin
Rose Petal - New replacement is also Rose Petal
Soft Plum - New replacement is Pink Plum
Cloud Wine - New replacement is Plum Wine
Coffee Cake - New replacement is also Coffee Cake

The Indian market sadly had only two shades available - 20 Peach Satin and 40 Soft Plum. I'm not sure which of the new shades we'll see here. A lot of new replacement products have already made their way here, so I'll let you know once I use them or see a sample.

My skin tone falls in the category fair to wheatish (Indian), so I went for Shade 40, which is Soft Plum. Though the name says plum, the colour is actually pinkish, and leaves a very very light shade on your cheeks after blending. Will come to that later in the post.

Price: INR 180 for 5.75g

The product comes in a very cute glass pot with a pink screw plastic lid. In fact, the lids on different shades differ as per shade lightness or darkness. It's extremely light-weight and compact and can easily fit into your day purse or clutch.

Texture:'s so so soooo smooth!!! When I opened the lid I kept looking at the blush, it was soo beautiful. The creamy consistency looked deliciously edible, as if it was the cream on top of an ice-cream! The moment I touched it, I knew this was one of the softest and meltiest (that's not even a word, I know, but I needed to tell you what I felt exactly!) On the cheeks, the product is extremely light.

The blush seems quite pigmented in the jar, but in reality, its just the opposite (unless, like me, you're looking for a barely-there look). I applied it by taking a bit on my pointy finger and putting it on the apple of my cheeks, but once I blended the blush, there was hardly any colour on my cheeks, though there was a light sheen that gave a healthy subtle pink tone to the cheeks. More like a flushed look. Which works great if you don't want to use heavy makeup and just want to go all natural.

This is the product when you take it out of the pot, before blending

After blending it a bit - for this I had used the blush once

 This was after putting two-three coats and blending 

 This is how the product looked on my fingertip after I had blended it. And this is a fresh look, so you can imagine that the cheeks didn't have too much colour, just a flush.

If you're looking for more colour and feel this is not enough to highlight your cheeks, use a light bronze on the contour line for a natural soft look. I don't think this will look good with a very dark bronzer or highlighter.

Now let's see what I liked and didn't liked about the product: 

  1. The texture is something I really really loved and can't stop gushing about. Like I mentioned earlier, if I could use the phrase in this context, which I know sounds rather silly, I would say it feels like a melt-in-your-mouth texture, only, in this case, it's gonna be melt-on-your-fingertips and cheeks
  2. I absolutely love the colour as I wanted something like this pink, not too loud, not too obvious, just a flush. And this is exactly that.
  3. Feels absolutely light on the face. Gives a natural feel.
  4. Small and easy to carry around.
  5. Gives a nice healthy glow and sheen to the skin.
  6. A little works quite nicely for me, since I wanted the barely-there look.
  7. The end result looks even.
  8. Lasts for about 5-6 hours easily. I have dry skin, and my cheeks had this healthy flush for about a little more than 6 hours after I applied it. On fading, the colour doesn't give a patchy look, it leaves behind a fine sheen.
  9. Extremely affordable. In fact, compared to the other brands, I always end up wondering how Maybelline manages to work its magic by being so affordable!
  10. No fragrance, which is okay by me. I don't mind fragrances as such, but some products have those irritating fruity fragrances that I absolutely hate. So for me, a no-fragrance product is better than a fruity-smelling product.
 I Wish:
The only thing I wish the pot had was a small mirror, so that it would be easier to apply the product while on the go, if required.

So that's my take - a 100/100 for this fab product.....

- Debolina Raja Gupta