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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Caring For Your Dry Skin This Winter

Yes, winters are fast approaching, and this year, it seems like winter in India has actually started making its presence felt a little earlier than expected - which is a very good thing, especially for people like me who love winters (or at least used to while I lived my entire life in Delhi) and miss it so much now that Im in Mumbai for the last almost 7 years! I do honestly miss the Delhi winters, but living away from it has actually made me kind of jaded - I feel super-cold whenever I go to a cooler climate. Don't know why!

Well, as I have dry skin and sometimes very dry skin, its really really important for me to make sure that my skin stays hydrated most of the time. Dry skin leads to early signs of wrinkles and aging, so its even more important for me to keep my skin moisturised, especially in cooler times.

I generally don't have any set skin care routine, whether its summers winters or any other time of the year, but one thing I do try and do is use some or the other moisturiser on my body. I constantly keep applying moisturiser and body butter on my face, arms, legs and the palms of my hand, as these are areas that get dry and feel itchy and stretched.

One thing that I do throughout the year is use a good sunscreen, and it continues even in the winters. Just because you may see the sun a little less doesn't mean its not there! So use it through the year, as you would in the summers.

Also, as my lips tend to dry out a lot, I make sure I apply a nice moisturising lip balm through the day and before going to sleep.

My feet are super dry too, so when it gets cooler (and since in Mumbai it doesn't get cold, I still do it in the last months of the year any way to avoid the dryness with the change in weather), I apply a good moisturising lotion on my feet and slip into socks to sleep through the night.

- Debolina Raja Gupta