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Friday, October 19, 2012

Easy Home Tips For Beautiful Hair

Achieving that beautiful skin and hair is something we all want. Some of us are blessed with naturally good skin and hair, while most need additional help to work around it.

If you are tired of spending money and time at the clinics, parlours, spas and other facilities, don't give up. There are many easy and quick tips that can help you right in the comfort of your home!

With so many festivals around the corner, its that time of the year when Indians are really on their feet all the time, visiting pandals, dancing the dandiya and gearing up for the many parties.

Today, I'll share with you some quick, easy and right in your own kitchen tips that will help you get a home-routine that is easy to maintain, strengthens and nourishes the hair and will give real results.

But before I tell you about the other simple tricks and tips, the #1 tip of all - drink plenty and plenty of water each day to keep hair and skin naturally beautiful and healthy.

Conditioner and Shine:
  • beer - once you are done with shampooing and cleaning your hair, pour a bottle of beer through your hair, keep it on for a few minutes and rinse off. Since your hair will smell of beer, keep it as it is for some time and then apply a leave-on conditioner/serum
  • if you've got on to sipping green tea, make some strong green tea by soaking the tea bags in boiled hot water. Let the tea bags remain in the water and wait for the water to cool down naturally. Pour the water on your hair, let it remain for some minutes, then wash off. If the smell troubles you, put on a leave on conditioner/serum
  • honey - in a cup, put equal amount of honey and water and mix. rub the same through your hair and clean off with warm water. if your hair feels sticky, wash with warm water again. helps as a conditioner, brings back shine to dull hair and keeps it tangle-free.
  • honey and banana - mix a mashed banana and half a cup of honey. apply the same to damp hair, keep it on for some minutes and rinse off.
  • after shampoo, put on some coconut milk on your hair and leave on for a few minutes. rinse off with warm water for a natural smooth and shine to hair.
  • olive oil - apply some olive oil on dry hair and bring back some shine to dull hair
  • mayonnaise - apply a little mayonnaise to dry and hair and leave on for a while before rinsing with warm water.  
  • mix yogurt and eggs and apply on hair, leave on for some minutes and rinse off with warm water. the stench will be overpowering, so go for a leave-on serum (my personal favourite is the L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Leave-On Serum)

  • Apply the juice of onions and keep on the hair for about half an hour. Rinse off with warm water. Since the smell will be quite overpowering, you may want to leave on some serum
  • Take some white vinegar, mix with water and use this as a shampoo. Massage properly and leave on for a while. Rinse off with warm water. Apply this for a few days till dandruff is in control or goes off. 
Control Frizz:
  • If your hair is too frizzy, applying a little olive oil or even a bit of coconut oil will help smoothen it out. Make sure you use only a bit and not too much.  

Oily Hair:
  • Oily scalp and greasy hair and no time for a shampoo? Take a little talcum powder on your hands and apply with fingers on the roots. Dry greas-free hair in minutes.
  • Do not wash your hair with hot water as this damages hair, causes greying, dryness of the scalp and hair fall.
  • Use conditioner on the tips and length of hair and avoid the roots and scalp.
  • To go for a trim every now and then to move out the dead and split ends.
- Debolina Raja Gupta