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Thursday, October 4, 2012

How To Stop Your Lipstick From Bleeding (Spreading Out)

If you're someone who's on the go much about the entire day, then lipstick creasing, lipstick spreading out or lipstick blotting is something you may have experienced. Also, if you're not in a position to constantly touch-up your lipstick and re-apply, chances are, by the end of the day, your lips (and maybe even face, in some cases), look completely washed out!

With just a few simple and quick tricks, you can make your lip colour last longer, and ensure it stays within the boundaries that you have set! You can mix and match the tips depending on how long you want your colour to last. Here's how:

  • Before you apply colour on your lips, make sure you have done a little bit something to your face, so that the colour on your face does not look too out of place, or loud, or make your face look washed out.
  • If you don't want a full-on makeup, go for a simple tinted moisturier, or BB cream, or just concealer, using it to give your skin an even tone. This is only to make your lip colour look more connected with the entire face canvas.
  • If you are applying foundation, make sure you put some on your lips as well. 
  • If you have applied any lip balm or moisturiser on your lips, make sure you blot that out before applying lipstick

  • Use a lip liner closer in shade to your lipstick to line your lips with a firm hand. Make sure you get a liner that is non-drying, as it may tend to crease later if it dries out your lips.

  • Use the same lip liner to fill in your lips. This will not only help your lipstick from creasing, it will also ensure that your colour stays on for longer. Make sure the liner is non-drying so that it doesn't begin to crease later - that's exactly what we don't want!
Its always good to use a lip-brush if:
  • you're wearing a dark colour and don't want too much colour on your lips
  • you don't want a very bold look but your lipstick is quite bold and bright
  • if your colour doesn't last long
  • if you would like to have a tint on your lips even after the lipstick has faded
  • if you have dry or chapped lips and want to avoid creasing

  • Make sure you apply the lipstick evenly, touching the lip liner at the boundaries, but making sure you don't step out of the line

  • Once you've applied colour, blot with a tissue paper
  • Apply and re-apply as desired, then blot again. This will take away any extra colour you may have put on that your lips really don't need.
  • Some people like to apply translucent powder on their lips after they are done, to keep the colour on longer. I have personally never done that, so I would not know how well that works.
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- Debolina Raja Gupta