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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream with Orange Blossom Scent and Caring Bamboo Milk: Review

I really really love shower gels, and especially since Im not a morning person at all, I need my shower gel to have that much excitement in it to be able to wake me up properly, to basically give me that kickstart for the day.

When my earlier shower gel almost finished (no, its only half-finished, but I wanted another one for variety you see), I was on the lookout for a tangy, citrusy fragrance (most of you will be aware of my love for tangy and citrusy smells by now) and when I saw this on the shelf, I HAD TO pick it up. this is the Happy Time Shower Cream by Nivea with Orange Blossom Scent and Caring Bamboo Milk.

One of the first reasons why I reached out for this one was the picture on the bottle - a vibrant and bold orangish yellow with bright orange shower bubbles, it instantly gave me a recharge and I couldn't wait to try out the scent!

I tried out the scent at the mall itself, and the scent is really gorgeous, its delicious, its something that, if you're a lover of all fragrances citrusy, you just cant miss!

Once I tried it at home, I saw that it's a bit strong, in the sense that it has a beautiful heady 'fresh' lingering fragrance for quite some time after you've taken a shower. And its refreshing enough to get you all awake and excited at any time of the day. Also, I tried this before going to bed, and strangely, the scent was soothing enough too!

My old loofah was dead and I was looking for a new one, and this one had a free loofah with it, so it was a double deal for me! And yes, the loofah that came with this was absolutely amazing - soft and a bright blue colour - just perfect to cheer up my day.

The bright blue soft loofah that came free with this shower cream.

As you may have noticed, Nivea has called this the Shower Cream and not the shower gel and this is very much true to what the product is all about. It's extremely extremely soft on the skin, and just a tiny bit of the shower cream is more than enough to create a lather that will work on the entire body. The fragrance is a mix of Orange Blossom Scent, which is an explosive burst of a tangy orange fragrance, and Caring Bamboo Milk, which is actually quite caring on the skin.

The shower cream works great on dry skin, especially in these festive moments, when there is so much pandal-hopping and being out the entire day and night. I have extremely dry skin and this shower cream is very moisturising on my skin. It makes my skin feel taken-care of, supple, soft and nourished.

Price: INR 145 for 250ml

The bottle comes with a flip-top lid which is also leak-proof. It holds the cream inside the bottle and prevents any leakage. The shower cream is, as is obvious, of a creamy texture.

  • amazingly refreshing fragrance
  • works great for dry skin
  • makes skin soft, supple, moisturised and hydrated
  • very affordable
  • just a tiny bit works through the entire shower
  • a lot of product
  • good shelf life (2 years)
  • leak-proof lid
  • creamy texture
  • the loofah that comes with this is of a very good quality and soft on my skin

Do I recommend this product? ABSOLUTELY

Will I re-purchase this? YES

- Debolina Raja Gupta