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Friday, October 12, 2012

Organising Makeup In Everyday Non-Expensive Ways

We ALL love makeup, don't we?! And the more we love it, the more we get it. It's genuinely not possible to ignore those lovely shades and fragrances and colours and textures out there, is it? And of course, the beautiful people that we are, we end up buying them and bringing them home, most of the time putting them away with the rest of the haul, or keeping them stashed away and eventually forgetting about them

Yes, it's true that most women have more makeup/cosmetics than they need, and most of us also end up forgetting that we have a particular product, unless it suddenly resurfaces.

I am one of those who absolutely loves colours. And Iv always had a problem with my brushes and pencil-liners and stuff. So what did I do about it? Nothing expensive or out of the way. I figured out a few easy, available-at-home and looking-good ways to store my things. Have a look:

An old cup, part of a set that is now broken, used to keep my tiny talcs and lip balms - avon and the body shop lip balms are popping out

 L-R: fragrances and perfumes, different brushes, pencil-liners and kajal sticks, lip balms and talcs, a storage basket that I picked up from Home Stop. I use it to keep pretty much everything, from face wash to shampoo to creams, lotions, sunscreen, face packs...every single thing!

 L-R: two old glasses from a set that's now all broken. These were unused glasses, I use one to store all my brushes, starting from face brush to blush brush to lipstick and eyeshadow brush. The next one stores all my pencils, colored pencils, kajal sticks, eyeliner sticks, lip liners and eyeshadow sticks. Next to that is the old cup.

 A cube-set from FabIndia. This is not a 'buy' really. My daughter had found this pretty colourful in the store and she thought its a toy. She tried opening one of the cubes and as this was displayed at the edge of a shelf, it fell down. There was no damage, not a single chip even, but we still had to buy it as the store said they wouldn't sell this! INR 1100 for this! Its a waste, yes, and I would never have purchased this on my own, but thanks to my daughter, I have a beautiful colourful cube-set drawer in my bathroom, I use it to store knick-knacks. You can see the Garnier under-eye tinted roll-on peeping out.

 I had ordered a lipstick from and it came in this beautiful wine-coloured sturdy cardboard box (sorry about the pic quality). I use it now to store all my lip colours, sticks, gels and gloss.

 This is a makeup bag that is quite big, and the products in the compartment here are the ones that I use sometimes, say a BB cream today, then maybe I'll again use it next week, a compact tomorrow, and I may use it again next day...things that I use on and off. The other side of the compartment that is zipped up are my re-buys, of products that are about to finish soon and I have picked up the refills.

 L-R: The two glasses holding my brushes and sticks. This glass with LIME written across it is also from an old set, I use it to hold all my rubber bands and pins and such knick-knacks, that are small and can be easily lost, but are so important.

 Last but not the least, I like a dash of colour and fragrance and these are the perfect little thingies to brighten up my day and lift up my senses. As I write this, I've finished off the two from the left, and am soon going to get new ones :-)

- Debolina Raja Gupta