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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Butter: Review

 As you all know, I have quite the dry skin, and especially my palms!! Uggghhh!!! Even after layers of lotions potions and creams, it feels like I've just come back from a round in the farms, working on the land!!! That bad...

So a few weeks ago as I walked past The Body Shop store at the mall, I thought of going in and checking something out for my dry skin. My earlier pot of cream was almost finished and I needed a new one. After having a little chat with the SA, I was given a few choices, one of which was the Sweet Lemon Body Butter. I have always loved a citrus fragrance and am especially biased towards all things citrusy. So of course when she told me about this one, I definitely had to try it out!

What The Brand Says about the product:
HYDRATION FOR DRY SKIN With Cold-Pressed Lemon Seed Oil From Italy

The packaging is cute. The body butter comes in a round big tub of a jar! Bright yellow, with a yellow lemon and green leaf on the lid, the packaging is bright and beautiful. Also, though the lid is a round-top revolve-open, it does not spill the contents. I have carried it around with me and it does not spill. Also, the bright yellow makes it really easy to spot it in your bag (of course you know that women love carrying their world around in their bags, so there's quite a lot of stuff in there!)

Price: INR 775 for 200 ml (I got a 10% discount as Im a Body Shop member)

Made In: UK

My opinion after using the cream:
  • There's a reason why this is called the body butter, and that is, that not only is it soft as butter to touch, but it also melts your skin the moment you use it on yourself! 
  • The cream is thick in consistency, but extremely extremely light on the skin. And it does melt in your skin! Its kind of a melty, if that's even a word! 
  • And the fragrance is to die for, for all those who love a citrus fragrance. Its not too sweet or strong, in fact, its quite tangy and lemon-peely. 
  • Also, you can use this as a hand-cream or on the entire body, and it does not give you that oily sticky feel that most creams do. I use it mainly as a hand-cream but have also used it on my hands and legs and felt extremely happy and moisturised.
  • Keeps your skin feeling rather hydrated, moisturised, cared for and light. But this may not be your product of choice if you have oily skin, please check out for yourself in case you do.

What I Loved About the Product:
  • Extremely extremely soft
  • Works great for anyone with dry or super-dry skin
  • Keeps skin feeling soft, supple, moisturised, hydrated and cared for
  • Wonderful fragrance that lingers for a long time
  • Sturdy packaging and non-spill lid
  • Easy and bright colour on the tub makes it easy for me to locate it among the many things in the bag
  • A little bit gives great result, so this will last me a long long time
  • Worth the money (though I wish it was cheaper - read point what i don't like below)

What I don't like About the Product:
It's quite expensive to be honest. Even with a 10% off, its super-expensive (but I guess since this is such a big tub, its gonna last me a long long time)

Would I buy this again? Absolutely!

Will I recommend this? Definitely! If you're willing to spend this much money once, I would definitely suggest you try this one out....Also, there are sales at TBS quite many times a year, and that would be the best time to pick it up!

- Debolina Raja Gupta