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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vogue Sun Glasses: Review

I've been living in Mumbai for quite a lot of years now, and one thing that Mumbai does to you is make your skin tan, with all the sea air around. And the fact that I live next to the sea also has a lot to do with it. Before this, I've lived my entire life in Delhi, and the sun there too is quite cruel, it burns down your skin.

Since I suffer from severe migraine and have sensitive skin, both the conditions are almost a year-round problem. Mumbai has only 2 seasons - summers and monsoon - and I always need to keep myself sun-protected. On some days, my migraines are so bad that I can't even open my eyes in the house if there's a tubelight or bulb on, so going out in the sun is a far-off thing! Also, the area around my eyes is super-sensitive, and one step in the sun without glares gives me hyper-pigmentation around the eyes.

What I need from my glares:
  • Minimise the effect of the sun's glare
  • Keep out its harmful effects 
  • Big on the fashion scene
  • Keeps the eyes and the areas around the eyes protected 
  • Since I wear contacts, it should be effective enough to keep my contacts protected
  • Should be of a good brand as I can't take any chances with my eyes
  • Should help me on 'bad eye-day' ;-) 
  • Should be light and easy to use

The Vogue eye-glares I got are perfect for me....I picked these up from Shoppers Stop.

Price: INR 6000

Packaging: Comes in a sturdy plastic case with a zipper. Easy to carry, protects the glares and easy to store and open.

About the kind of lens in the glares: These ones that I use have gradient lens, or, to be less complicated, these lenses are tinted from the top down, so that the top of the lens is the darkest and gradually the tint decreases as you come to the bottom of the lens. These are especially good as these protect the eyes from overhead sunlight while allowing more light at the bottom, so that you are able to see clearly while walking and even driving.

Made In: These are made in Italy 

Style:  I absolutely love the styling. These are the biiig glares, more like the bumble-bee glares (kind of the retro, vintage look that is so back in fashion right now, and I guess always should be!) I wanted my glares to be effective, comfortable and stylish, and that's what these are. The tiny crystals on the sides of the rims and handle are super-stylish and can easily jazz up your look. Not too loud, these glares look great in everyday surroundings, as well as in a more stylish setup. I also love the brand logo embossing. And I absolutely love the color blue!

What I love about these glares:

  • Protect my eyes and the area around the eyes
  • Beautiful colour on the lens and actually gives my eyes a cool feel. Since I suffer from severe migraine, it helps me a lot.
  • Super-light on my nose-bridge
  • A renowned brand
  • On days that I have bad puffy red eyes, I can easily wear these glares and look stylish
  • Super easy to carry around and the protective cover is quite good and lightweight
What I think could have been better:
The pricing. I wish it could have been a bit less expensive, but otherwise, I am definitely all praise for this one. Worth all the money!

I am now planning to get aviators in completely black shades, as the sun is back big time now, and since my migraines are quite frequent, want to see how those help. And of course, aviators = style too ;-)

- Debolina Raja Gupta