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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Lip Butter: Review

You know I love The Body Shop Lip Butter, I've mentioned a bit about it in one of my earlier lip balm posts

I got this one along with my The Body Shop Body Butter in Sweet Lemon - they are both the same flavour/fragrance, only difference is, that one's for the body while the other is for the lips, and the body butter has a stronger fragrance than the lip butter.

This is my first lip balm/butter from The Body Shop and one I bought in a lark, just like that! I was already using my Avon Lip Balm that I so love, and this I picked up just for the fragrance (lemon always draws me in, you know that!)

This is a good one girls, absolutely lovely smelling, works great for lips that are dry and need care and moisture, and is a no-fancy lip-butter/balm, that actually works like one. It's not something that I would wear outside the house, at least not without something on the lips on top of this, as it doesn't give me any colour, and I like some when Im going out.

I usually put this on at night before going to sleep, and sometimes I'll apply this through the day when I'm home. Since I have quite dry lips, I do feel that this lip butter gives my lips immense care, and I can feel the moisturising effect it has on my lips.

Now here's the bomb. The Body Shop Lip Butter is one of the most expensive lip balms in India as of now. It's 8.5 gm for INR 255 (Avon Naturals Lip Balm is 4gm for INR 90). Well, I'm not sure I'll be going for this one again, at least till the time I have the Avon ones and can still get my hands on that one. Honestly, it's quite expensive, and even if I can afford it, I don't want to, coz the Avon one works the same for me as this one. Clearly for me, the Avons Naturals Lip Balm and The Body Shop Lip Butter are my two absolute favourites till date.

Shelf Life: 03 years

What I loved about this product:
  • Works great for my dry lips
  • super hydrating and moisturising
  • provides instant relief to dry cracked chapped lips
  • nice mild fragrance
  • tastes yummy
  • no shine
  • creamy smooth feel on lips
  • non-sticky
  • little amount of product is required for each application
  • small tub-sized product, can easily carry in a purse
  • bright coloured body makes it easier to locate amongst various products
  • long shelf life
  • does not dry out lips 
What I didn't like about the product, or, what could have been better:
I have only two concerns
  • Its too too expensive for me
  • I feel it can get a little difficult to carry around for those who are used to carrying clutches or small purses. I am fine by this, as I always carry large totes. 
I absolutely loved this, but I guess I'll not go for this one again as this works for me exactly the same as the Avon Naturals Lip Balms. So it makes quite a lot of sense money-wise. But otherwise, its a 10/10.

- Debolina Raja Gupta