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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lakme Rose Powder: Review

It's been some time that I got the Lakme Rose Powder. I did have a mineral powder foundation, and still do have it, but I hardly use it. I was looking for a face powder, something that wouldn't be cakey, and could be used on a daily basis, especially since I live in Mumbai where there are no winters, so its only sunny or humid the whole year through, and I have a tendency to sweat more on the forehead.

I read a few reviews about the Lakme Rose Powder and the reviews were pretty variable, with most of the bloggers favouring the product. So I decided to give it a try.

One of the main problems I faced even before I could buy this was the fact that none of the stores had a 'fresh sealed' pack! So, everywhere I checked, the SAs or the staff at the local cosmetic stores would show me the product by opening a fresh product! They even told me it was absolutely fine to try it out as a tester, and they would close the lid and sell it to someone else in case I didn't buy that piece! Even the SAs at the mall counters said so! I tried in vain to get one that was 'sealed', but finally had to give in! Can't understand why Lakme could not have a simple wrapping around the same. It's one hygiene mess this way!

Shade: So the shade I bought was #02 Warm Pink which is for wheatish to dusky skin. The other shade that they have is Soft Pink which is for fair to wheatish skin. I actually wanted the other one, fair to wheatish, but when I tried it out, it had a fake 'pink'ness to it, something that wasn't coming out too good once you applied it - it gave a pink look to the entire face! Since I won't be using this just on the cheeks and want to use this as a face powder (which is what this product is after all!) I didn't find the other shade good enough. And the one I picked up is a shade darker than what I would have been using, but there was no choice available.

Packaging: The packaging is huge....huge huge huge if I may say so. And its bulky and takes up oh so much space. Definitely not something you would be comfortable carrying around in your handbag! If you notice the product above, you'll see it looks old and scratched. It's a brand new piece that I picked up. All the products had the same issue, they looked really old and scratched and used! I don't know how I picked it up then, looking at this picture now, as I write this, I may not have picked it up now. The lid is a rotate-close round one that has to be moved in circles to open the product. And this is where the entire problem lies. The moment you try to open it, flakes of the powder start falling out, messing up the area around. Also, the same problem happens when you're trying to close it back, it won't close properly, and you have to sometimes bang it down, resulting in flakes falling out! It's quite a mess really!!!!!!

The product comes with a little powder sponge inside.

The problem with the sponge is that it picks up too much product. The pic above is after shaking away the powder a few times.

 I use a regular brush instead to pick up the powder and use it over my face.

As you can see in the pic above, there are five sieve holes and I think they are a bit bigger than what they could have been. This is the reason why too much product comes out, and why product falls out when closing or opening, thus resulting in a waste.

Price: The product is priced at INR 95 for 40g!!! Isn't it a little too good a deal? I was really surprised.

My take on it: As a powder, its not bad really. For a daily use face-powder, especially for someone like me who sweats on the forehead a lot and needs something to keep my face dry, this is a good idea. But what I wasn't very happy about was the fact that I don't have a right shade match, and also the fact that since the packaging is so bulky and so messy, it doesn't solve the purpose as I can't carry it around.

I don't think I will be going for a re-purchase, I really don't think so. 

- Debolina Raja Gupta