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Monday, January 14, 2013

Chambor Trio Eyeshadow: Review and Swatches

Some time back I picked up this eyeshadow from Chambor. This is my first purchase from the brand, and I was quite looking forward to see how this one worked out. I am a sucker for eye colours, and love to experiment with bold and bright colours (am on the lookout for a nice yellow, unfortunately, couldn't find one even on my recent trip to Hong Kong!).

Okay, so before I get on with the review and the swatches, a little bit about the product:

Product: Chambor Trio Eyeshadow
Price: INR 495
Shade I bought: Sea Shimmer 56 (as you can see its more of aqua colours, aqua blue and aqua green)

One of the very first things that I liked about the product even before I tested it or really saw it, was the packaging:
Sorry for the hazy pic, the battery conked off at the last moment, but you can make out the beautiful design and the compactness of the product - really cute!

The other shades available in the range include:
Naturel #17, Dazzling Sphinx #29, Rose Shimmer #54, Dazzling Wave #82, Illusion #83, Fern Green #84, Mystic #85, Tender Lilac #86, Glowing Earth #88

If you notice here, the shades are all shimmery, extremely shimmery. I am okay with shimmery eye shadows, but not all the time. For this particular product, I would rather have preferred that one shade was shimmery and the others had a bit more consistency. I really love my Lakme Glide-On Pencil Eye Shadow in the greenish shade, its a gorgeous green and goes great on your eyes and is quite bold and defined. The problem with shimmery eye shadows is they make your eyes look smaller! I am blessed with big eyes, but still, but for those with smaller eyes, this may make your eyes look even smaller.

See, super shimmery! But I still like them :-)


This is after swatching it for like 2-3 times. The pigmentation isn't that good really.

What I would say about the product:
I like it. I may not love it, or be a fan, but I do like it nonetheless. The eye shadow comes with a mirror and an applicator brush that is quite soft. The mirror is useful, but I generally never use these applicator brushes, so I don't use this one either. I did use it the first time to test it out, but it wasn't really convenient for me, so I switched over to what I love best - applying the colours with my fingers and then blending with a blending brush. I prefer that always. The colours are buildable, I will give it that. They are very lightly pigmented. You need to apply quite a lot to get a 'defined' colour, else your eyes look more shimmery than a desired coloured look. Staying power is good, it lasts easily for about 4-5 hours, but by that time they get light and I would strongly suggest you use a cream base below these. I am okay about the pricing, I mean, 3 colours for less than 500 INR isn't not really a bad deal. But when it comes to really thinking of re-purchasing or going for another shade combo in this same product range, I am not quite sure. I have colours from Lakme, Maybelline, Avon and even a lot of local colours, and none of the colours in this range are really 'unique' or 'exclusive colours, plus they are all too shimmery. I may not buy another from this range. But if I do buy, I think I will go for the trio combo (see pic below)

(image courtesy The shade is called Dazzling Wave #82

What I Like About The Product:
  • Cute packaging
  • Compact
  • Wide range of colours to choose from
  • Comes with a useful mirror
  • Long lasting
  • Buildable
  • Okay pricing for 3 colours-in-one
  • Convenience of having 3 colours at a go
What I don't really like about the product:
  • Too shimmery
  • The colours are not really that unique or exclusive, for that matter, Maybelline scores a lot more points on the 'new' colours it got out in the Maybelline Tattoo Eye Shadow range
I am quite okay with this product, may or may not re-purchase.

- Debolina Raja Gupta