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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bangle Bonkers: My Bangles From Here And There

I have picked up lots of bangles of different styles, colours and shapes over the years....there are many more in my collection, but right now, they're all pretty see, we just shifted home 2 weeks back and like the typical lousy woman I am, I can't find half of my things! So I'll surely update them here, as soon as I can manage to find them and show them off...Till then..........Also, just to let you know, Im horrible at bargaining and most of the time end up paying what am asked for.

 These I picked up from Crawford Market Mumbai while I was there to buy some lamps...These are like cloth and thread kind of bangles, extremely soft and flexible...I picked up 6 for INR 150.....

 I love these blues....same from Crawford Market Mumbai

 I love these different shades....from Crawford Market Mumbai

 This one I picked up from Linking Road Bandra, Mumbai for INR 70

 These are wooden bangles I picked up from a Rajasthani place near my place called The Village...they have a traditional choori-waala who brings in a host of bangles. I got these for INR 120

 This is the same one from Linking Road Bandra Mumbai

 I love these wavy ones...don't remember where I picked these up from, but they were quite cheap

I love the different hues of red here, especially the black and red one..I picked these up from the Colaba Market Mumbai for INR 120 pair.

 I picked up the third one, the one in teal and red polka dots from Colaba Market Mumbai for INR 60

Don't remember where I got these from....

 These lovely bangles are hand-made bangles, made out of the skin of the bamboo tree. If you see, the thin skins from the bamboo trees are wrapped and wrapped around and finally made into bangles. The motifs and colours are all hand-painted...I picked these up from Coorg, Karnataka for INR 180

 I absolutely love the paintings on these...all different from the other...

 This one is a different one of sorts...a transparent kind of aqua-green bangle with a curvy shape. Again from the Colaba Street Market Mumbai for INR 60
 This is also from Colaba Street Market Mumbai for INR 80. I love the 'different' shape of the bangle and the embossed paints...this looks more like glass painting and I love the effect it has when you actually wear it...

 Don't remember where I picked this from....

 These are from a local store near my place that I had to pick up when I couldn't find a match with the saree I was about to wear for some occasion..

 I love the colour combo of red and black/grey in anything and couldnt resist picking this one up from Linking Road Bandra, Mumbai for INR 120

 This is from that Rajasthani place called The Village for INR 100

 This is a dainty clasp-on bracelet for INR 60 from a local store

 Another beautiful piece...this I found at the local street market in Pune for INR 80

 This is the front of the dainty one I was showing earlier

- Debolina Raja Gupta