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Monday, May 27, 2013

Fiama Di Wills Bathing Bar In Clear Springs: Review

Hey girls,

Today I'll be talking about the bathing bar from Fiama Di Wills, the one that's marketed as the first-ever gel bathing bar. I generally use different body washes for my bath, but as hubby loves soaps instead, I thought I would get it for him. He used it, and I used a bit of it too. So here's what I thought about the bathing bar.

The one I got is in the fragrance Seaweed and Lemongrass

What the company claims about the product:
Looks like soap. Feels like shower gel. 
Made using a revolutionary technology that freezes liquid gel, Fiama Di Wills Gel Bathing Bar is mild and transparent.
An innovation from ITC

Price: INR 50 for 125gms

This is how the 'gel' bar looks like
The bar is a transparent one and has quite a lot of product to use. I liked the sea-green colour and it instantly looked quite 'fresh' with it's colour.

If you look at it against the light, you can also see that it does seem to have those 'frozen liquid gels' inside that the company claims it has - you see those air bubbles kind of things trapped inside the bar? I quite liked the look.

My experience with the product:
Now here comes the main part. One of the main reasons I bought this was that it had been marketed exclusively as an innovation that brought the luxury of a body wash or shower gel to a bathing bar. I'm an out-n-out body wash/shower gel kind of person these days while hubby prefers the soap bars. So it was that I thought of picking it up for him and also wanted to try out myself how this innovation would be. I was quite excited to try it let me tell you.
The packaging was quite nice and though the price, if you compare with other regular soap bars, is a bit on the higher side, is okay since the bar is quite big. You end up getting quite a lot of product.
When I smelled the bar in my hands it smelt quite nice. But once I used it in the shower, let me tell you it was a complete let-down. An instant let-down and a big let-down. I was really angry and upset with ITC for making such tall claims about this being same as a shower gel and fragrant and luxurious and all that crap! It's entirely not!
If anything, let me tell you that this bathing bar smells only when you don't use it and would rather pick it up in your hands and smell, but the moment you use it in your bath, the smell isn't there! There's barely a trace of any fragrance even while you're bathing and by the time you're out of the shower, there's no fragrance left at all. I simply don't like this out of my bathing time and experience. For me, a shower gel needs to be refreshingly fragrant and there should be a lingering fragrance around me, but this one was such a bore!
I have tried this out only in one fragrance and that's the end of it. I am not going to try it out again and will never repurchase this or any other fragrance from the ITC bathing bar range. The same was the experience with hubby. He absolutely did not like it.
Another thing - the bar doesn't lather much, though that's expected of these gel bars (I'm referring to other glycerine based soap bars).

Will I recommend this product? NOT AT ALL

- Debolina Raja Gupta