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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oral B PR Info: Madhuri Dixit Launches Pro-Health Toothpaste, Oral B's Biggest Innovation in Toothpaste

Madhuri Dixit, the lady with the most coveted set of teeth in Bollywood, introduced OralB Pro-Health toothpaste to India on the 01st of July, in a ceremony befitting the launch of a highly scientific innovation. Sharing the platform with her was Scientist Ross Strand, the inventor and brain behind Oral B’s biggest clinical breakthrough in toothpaste, which successfully merges the gold standard in oral health technology with oral health benefits, catering to the diverse needs of an Indian family.

Oral-B contains a breakthrough patented ingredient, Stabilized Stannous-Fluoride complex which helps give significant and advanced at-home oral care, by providing the mouth all-round protection. Its exclusive and proprietary technology makes it Oral B’s first toothpaste in India that protects against all the areas dentists routinely check:
Cavities, Gingivitis, Plaque, Sensitivity, Enamel, Tartar, Whitening and Breath*

Oral-B Pro-Health builds on P&G’s researchers’ long history of developing advanced dental technologies that provide both therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. This formulation was in development for more than 15 years and went through numerous clinical studies, before being introduced to India. In our view , it will definitely help address the concerns put forth by 80% of dentists surveyed in the Nielsen Survey who agreed that In the last forty years , there has been no upgrade in a toothpaste that can take care of all dental issues together.

“The technology in Oral-B Pro-Health Toothpaste is supported by years of research and development,” said Ross Strand, Inventor of the advanced technology Oral-B ProHealth and a well-respected  Research Fellow from Procter & Gamble’s Advanced Technology and Innovation Team. 
“We have for the first time, been able to stabilise stannous and combine this with fluoride and other ingredients to give solutions against gingivitis, cavities, plaque, sensitivity, staining, enamel & tartar in just one tube. What’s more is that we have added Polyphosphate to the formulation, which protects the surface of teeth by removing stains (in combination with silica) and helps prevent stain buildup. It is this specially formulated Oral-B Pro-Health, which we are launching specially for India. With this innovation toothpaste technology has finally entered the next generation and will help improve the oral health of families across India”

Oral-B Pro-Health Toothpaste will be available at all leading drug, grocery and super stores in Mint flavour, in 140 gms tube for Rs. 98/-, 75gms gms tube for Rs.59.

- Debolina Raja Gupta