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Friday, July 26, 2013

Pond's White Beauty BB+ Cream: Review and Swatch

You probably have tried this one already, and if you haven't, you've already tried other BB Creams available in India - that much I'm sure of ;-)

The ones I've tried earlier are the Maybelline BB cream that came out first and then the Garnier one. I had found both to be quite okay really, though the Maybelline one (I've only tried out the tube one not the stick one that came out later) was hands-down better than the Garnier one (the Garnier one was a waste of money).

So when Ponds too launched their very own version of a BB cream, I wasn't surprised - of course there would be more brands to follow the trend, right? I was sceptical, but since I hadn't yet found my perfect BB cream that I could say I was really happy with, I decided to give it a shot - what the heck, right?

So the product is called Ponds White Beauty BB+

Pricing: INR 125 for 18g

Here's what the brand claims the product does:

  • Gives you a natural instant glow on the outside while working from deep inside
  • For perfect and glowing look everyday
Pond's White Beauty BB+ Fairness SPF 30 PA++ is specially designed for Indian skin and helps give you:
  • Instant natural glow on outside
  • Lightens your skin and spots from inside
  • Evens skin tone
  • With SPF 30 for sun protection
  • No clogging of pores
  • Light, non oily texture

 Usage instructions as mentioned on the packaging:

1. Use every morning on cleansed skin. It's light texture makes it suitable for everyday use.
2. Smooth cream over entire face and gently spread it in until the colour blends well with your natural skin tone.
3. Retouch as needed throughout the day.

This is how the tube's really light and cute.

The good thing is it says it's got SPF 30 in it, so that's nice!

I really tried to capture the above shot a few times, but for whatever reasons, it just wasn't happening. So apologies for that!

Packaging: The packaging is really light and cute. Comes in a clean white plastic tube with a silvery metallic lid that's a screw-top lid. It's nicely sealed hence no worries of a spill or mess. The pink touch on the white body is quite cute. The tube is ideal for popping in your tote/handbag and carrying through the day.

Shade / colour: This is how the shade looks. I think it comes in only one standard shade. But this one suits me perfectly so no complaints.

This is how it looks after blending

My take on the product:

Without further ado, I really liked it. For me, this was the best of the 3 BB creams that I've tried and frankly, this does the work really well. Though this is part of Pond's White Beauty range, which I guess is aimed at 'whitening' or 'brightening' up the complexion, I haven't bought it to get a fairer skin. I wanted a product that would work well on days when I felt I needed a bit of cover up or some spot of making my face look bright and fresh, and this works perfectly.

The Pond's BB Cream is extremely light and non-greasy and will not make your skin feel made up or heavy. It also comes with a pleasing lingering fresh scent that I really liked - not too strong and just there. You can use it directly on clean skin, or wear this over your sun-screen (though this has SPF 30 in it) or over your moisturiser, though it's definitely not needed. I wear it directly on my cleansed face and it glides on and stays well - I have dry skin, but this does not become cakey or dry out my skin without a moisturiser or additional sunscreen beneath.

The BB cream blends in very smoothly and stays on long. About coverage, if you're looking for any heavy coverage, I would say this is not the product for you. This will give you light to medium coverage and is very buildable.

The pricing is extremely attractive for the amount of product you get, given that you just need a pea-sized bit of it. 

  1. lovely shade
  2. light 
  3. non greasy
  4. easy to carry
  5. stays on for long
  6. very attractive pricing
  7. nice packaging with no spillage or messy worries
  8. does not sit heavy on skin
  9. good for dry skin
  10. does not make skin look whitish or cakey
  11. comes with SPF 30
  12. blends in smooth and easy
  13. little bit gives good results
  14. buildable
  15. light to medium coverage - which is fine for me as I don't want a heavy coverage
I didn't find any

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely!

- Debolina Raja Gupta