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Friday, August 9, 2013

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick: Review and Swatch

I was desperately looking for a nice pink lippy and by chance I happened to ask the SA at the Revlon counter if she could show me any. I was at the Maybelline counter, but the pinks and plums they have I already own ;-) so I needed something new.

I have tried to stay a little away from Revlon products, as I find them quite pricey, and this too was no different.Usually I don't like spending more in the range of 3-400 for a lip colour, as I already own a lot and don't want to pick up any more.

The SA showed me a few colours and then asked me to try out some - as they were looking too bright in the tube and I wasn't sure how they would look on me once I tried them out. So I tried it on, and let me tell you, the next moment, the lippy came back home with me!

My shade: The colour I got is shade # 030 Fuchsia - it's a hot pink

Price: About INR 500 (the pricing was mentioned on a plastic wrapper around the tube but I ended tearing it up)

Shelf Life: 3 years

Made In: Made in USA

Packaging: The packaging is sturdy, detailed and pretty. Comes with the colour shade on the top of the lid (see the left of the pic and the pic at the beginning of the post) so its easier to pick up your colour of choice even while you're in a rush. Comes in a click top tube, with the lid closing in tight. The packaging is sleek, stylish and looks classy, though its really plastic.

This is how the shade looks inside, without any flash or light

This is how it looks in the sun......bright neon hot pink! Exactly what I was looking for....

This is how the colour looks on the first swipe, very lightly swiped.....its a hugely buildable colour and you can make it go really really bold and bright.

A few more swipe pics (sorry for whatever reasons it wasn't getting picked up on the camera)

My take on the product:

I was looking for an exact neon hot pink colour and this is exactly what it is. The colour is bright, really really bright, but the best part about it is that it does not look weird, and if you want, you can keep it a bit toned by applying it lightly and going for just one swipe - the colour will stay on nice and bright even then.

The lipstick glides on really smooth on your lips and will not settle in any crease. It's really really long-lasting, will go the whole day without rubbing off or transferring off completely, and end of the day, when it starts to lighten, will stain off leaving a very noticeable tint of colour.

I absolutely adore this one....and even though it's a bit more pricey than what I was originally looking to spend, this is one colour I'm really glad I picked up. A teeny tiny bit goes a long way, and even though you have this on shelf life for 3 years you'll take quite a long time to finish this one up.

I don't really need to do any pros and cons sections on this one. I absolutely RECOMMEND this, and yes, I'll surely re-purchase this in the long time that it finishes off.

- Debolina Raja Gupta