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Monday, September 23, 2013

My Ring Collection

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I absolutely love finger rings. While earlier I was very particular that the finger rings I wear should be dainty and more like bands, I have now managed to understand and appreciate the beauty in big bold chunky rings, so much so that my collection seems to have more of the latter ones!

Here are a few of the rings I have collected, some are precious and most are costume jewellery that I picked up from handicraft exhibitions or bought online. I also have quite a few precious rings in gold and diamond, but those I don't really wear much and are kept away in the locker. So here are the ones I have at home and wear most often.....

Do you like rings too? Let me know....

And if you've done a post about it, do share the link...I love seeing others' collections always :-)

The one here is a ring my hubby got me recently.....Knowing my tastes, he was more keen on a really pretty white gold band with diamonds in it (I absolutely love white gold and since I love bands too, I may get that as well!). But I decided to go for a change and buy this really feminine and 'different' ring...I've never worn something like this before and absolutely love now it stays on my wedding finger forever!

I'm a Piscean and I got to know online that my birth stone is amethyst....I'm not very knowledgeable on all this and only got this information of the net. So when I saw this at a nearby handicraft exhibition, I decided to give it a try (of course it's a fake!) I want to one day have a real pretty single chunky purplish/pinkish clear amethyst stone ring set in silver with a lot of intricate carvings done.....This one is a purple stone that's not clear at all and is set in oxydised metal.

This is really chunky and heavy, but since I love chunky rings now, I'm absolutely enjoying this...In fact I wear it a lot, even all the time at home. And no, it doesn't create any problems while working on the laptop.

This is how the back's got an adjustable band, though its not really clear in the picture, and you can adjust it to wear on any finger.

This one below is a plain band in white gold with a regular yellow gold thin band running across it and a diamond in the center.

Another piece of costume jewellery, I absolutely love the way the colour reflects on the red stone. The entire pattern forms a flower, a chunky piece but very very feminine. Quite blingy. Little heavy.

I love the way the little stones are crafted around the main big one. The band is set in gold. 

This is how the amethyst one looks....I love wearing it on the middle finger, though it can be adjusted to be worn on any finger.

Another gorgeous piece of costume jewellery. I always love the clear green stones, I find them to be quite mysterious, hard to explain, but they kind of draw me to them. This one has a main big chunky green clear stone in the middle, and is set on all sides with clear silvery stones that are then set in an outline with tiny red and gold stones. The ring is in the shape of a leaf and can be taken to be either a leaf or a flower.

The band is set in gold colour and the design around is also set in gold colour.

This also has an adjustable strap and can be adjusted to worn in any finger.

Chunky right? This looks better on the ring finger rather than on the middle one. Little heavy.

This was absolutely courtesy my daughter...she loved the peacock design and the fact that it's a bit 3D-ish...I also love the colours inside...the golds and the oranges and the various hues of peacock blue. Set in silver metal, the colours are really fascinating, though not very loud and not heavy at all. This too was picked up at a local handicrafts exhibition.

I love the old-style flowery designs that remind me of the vintage theme. I saw this one and immediately picked it up...Black and red combination has always been one of my favourite combos and I reached out for this one almost instantly. This too is also quite chunky but not really heavy.

Comes with an adjustable band and can be worn in any finger. The band is set in a brassy/dull gold colour.

 Again, I love wearing it on the middle finger :-) There's something about chunky rings that look best when worn on the middle finger.

This is how the peacock ring looks when worn.
This is how it looks when worn.

Different, isn't it? And so very girlie, young and summery (though I will be wearing this in all seasons !!!)  Was browsing on an e-commerce site just like that and came across this one. I didn't need this, and I went off the page, and then came back again, and then went off and then came back again. What can I don...the colours ARE really tempting, aren't they????? A bright pop of neon on your fingers.

This is set in a goldenish band that is not adjustable.

So, did you like my rings collection? Show me yours too.....

- Debolina Raja Gupta