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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Star's Cream Rouge Eyeshadow in Shade Blue: Review

Recently, I was buying something online and was falling short of about a 100 bucks to avail free shipping. I went back to the site and tried to check out something that would be near the 100rs mark, even though I didn't really need anything else.

The only product that I found that I liked was this gorgeous eyeshadow in electric blue by Star's. I'd never heard of this name before, but the shade was too good to be left, right? Especially since I've been dying to get a shade like this for ages now!

So here's a look at some pictures first, and then I'll tell you my experience with the same...

the colour as it looks in the pot

 the colour when you pick it up

 the colour as it really becomes the moment you touch it

The only thing I will say here about the product is DONT BUY IT...

It's an absolutely disgusting and bad product that's not good for your starts itching the moment you apply it and the smell is absolutely smells like very very strong much so that for a moment you can actually feel yourself sucking your breath in...its that strong!

And as for the colour payoff, it turns a dirty cheap look........

My punishment for being greedy and buying something I didn't really need...YUCKS!!!!

- Debolina Raja Gupta