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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Meiji Amino Collagen, Your Daily Health and Beauty Supplement: Review

(product was sent as a PR initiative by Gozoop to test and review: review shared here is an honest opinion of the blog post author) 

A couple of months back I was sent this package that contained the Meiji Amino Collagen. 

Before I talk about the product, let's share a little bit of information on the nutritional value.

Collagen: It's a freely occurring protein in the body that's responsible for keeping the skin supple and maintaining its elasticity. Once we're in our 20s, the production of Collagen starts reducing in the body. And eventually, this starts resulting in loose and sagging skin. Daily intake of Collagen is essential to maintain those youthful looks.

Collagen helps us by:
  • giving a natural glow to skin
  • tightens and firms up skin
  • removes wrinkles and fine lines
  • lightens skin
  • removes dark patches
Daily suggested intake: It's 500mg, that is one level spoon that's provided with the product.

Nutritional Chart:


Instructions for use:

INR 1800 for 200g

The product comes with a little information booklet

 comes in a regular bottle

Since the product is tasteless, you can have it with absolutely anything you want, or on its own, mixed with plain milk. Being heat stable, it can be added before, while, or post cooking, depending on how you wish to use it.

Some more ideas on how to eat this daily supplement:

Comes with a double sealed lid - plastic and metal

 the white powder with the measuring spoon that comes with the product

Here's where you can get more info about the product:

My take on the product:

Before I begin, let me tell you that I've just had a new baby. In fact, when the product reached me, my baby was about 1-2 weeks old. So it was that time when my skin was at its worst. I generally have good skin and no marks or scars or pimples or acne. The only problem I have is pigmentation around the eyes, as I have sensitive skin.

I wanted to delay the review as I first wanted to take the product for some time to understand its results. I've now consistently had this product for about a month.

How do I take it: I take it with milk or sometimes in a bowl of dal.

How often do I take it: I take 1 spoon of the product a day

What is the result of the product on my skin: After having taken the product for about a month, yes, I have noticed a difference. As this is a physically change-prone phase for me right now, maybe I did not get as many effects of the product as I could have got otherwise. But I did get two very visible results:

  1. The pigmentation around my eyes has surely lightened. While I am getting barely 4-5 hours of sleep a day on an everyday regular basis, the dark circles are almost gone, in fact, I can say, they are gone. 
  2. I have super dry skin. I can feel that this product has made my skin feel less tight and stretched, especially now, when the weather is drying out the skin even more. It's certainly given back some life to my otherwise dry dead skin.
If you're thinking whether or not you should go for this, my recommendation would be that you should surely try this out. I am right now a new mommy, and I'm in my early 30s, so if this product could do so much for me at this phase, imagine how much more it would benefit someone who is younger, or even someone who isn't going through as many hormonal changes as I'm going right now.

I'm glad I got a chance to try this out.

- Debolina Raja Gupta