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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fashion Jewellery and Precious Jewellery I'm Wearing Right Now

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If you've been on my blog for some time now, you know for a fact that I love my jewelleries...well, mostly fashion jewellery that is.

Am surely expected to wear more of real and expensive jewellery (good ol' Indian tradition, especially for those who are married, but I don't as I don't like it that much - I do wear in bits and pieces sometimes.)

So here is what I'm currently wearing on a daily or regular basis, and especially what I've been wearing this past week a lot. Let me know if you like any :-) And I absolutely love to see what you all are wearing on your arms and fingers and do share a link back to your jewellery post if you too write a blog, or just tell me in the comments here :-) Love!

I picked this up online. The ring is of metal and has these lovely bright studs in it.

This is a bracelet I had picked up from a street market in Goa about 2 years back...I wear this a lot

I bought this sterling silver ring online. Wanted to buy a pure silver ring but didn't find anything I particularly liked

This is a white gold ring with diamonds. This was a gift from my hubby this year for our 7th marriage anniversary as I don't have a wedding ring.

I got this in pink hearts as I have two princesses and my daughter absolutely loves pink.....Also, these 3 hearts are also symbols of the 3 special people in my life - my 2 daughters n my hubby

Another online purchase.....of late seems like I've suddenly taken to online shopping !!! And how!! I have this same peacock theme in a pendant I bought at a street market last year in Hong Kong. This year I saw a ring with the same theme n my daughter made me buy it. And now I saw this lovely bracelet with the same theme! Its a beautiful charm bracelet with peacock embellished heart, a key, beads, chains and lots more fun stuff.......

Goes great together with the other bracelet

- Debolina Raja Gupta