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Friday, December 13, 2013

Going Shop Hopping @ Jabong.Com n How !!!! Online Shopping Review

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I was never an online shopper. In fact, even though some of my friends were swearing about shifting from 'live' shoppers to online shoppers, I would smirk at them and tell them that I couldn't bother to ever shop anything online. The fact that I work for an e-commerce site myself and have seen how customers can be made to suffer like anything, was enough to put me off online shopping.

Some of my reasons for not being comfortable shopping online were that I wasn't sure of the quality I would get, I wasn't sure about the promptness of delivery, I wasn't even sure if what I actually bought online was what I got. I did venture into online book shopping though, but that was pretty much the only thing I was doing.

Things started changing when I was pregnant with my second baby. During my last trimester, I was getting easily tired and wasn't enjoying shopping about in the malls. It was getting uncomfortable and I desperately wanted to be at home.

So......I decided to check up a few things online. And I bought a few things too, from different sites.....

And today, after about shopping online for almost 6 months, I have reached the conclusion that one of my favourite places to shop online is

I started off buying a piece of fashion jewellery online at Jabong. There was no specific reason for me to buy it. But you know me...I absolutely love my jewelleries and I was simply browsing when I came across this beautiful ring the kind of which I had never seen anywhere else.

I absolutely love neons and when I saw this ring, I HAD to buy it. I was a little skeptical about buying a ring without trying it out first, what if it didn't really fit? But I tried out the size chart and took my pick. And I clicked on buy. The fact that I could easily go for the Cash-on-Delivery option was a seller on me!

Instantly, I got a message on my cell telling me everything about the order details and when I could expect the same. I had a wait time of about 4-5 days. So, it was a big surprise when I got another message on my cell, informing me that the JaVaas staff would be at my place this day to deliver my package! The package actually reached me within 2 days of placing the order! And their staff who came to deliver the product was extremely courteous, very polite, and told me I should open the package and see if everything was fine. That was something that I never experienced from any other site till date.

Anything that you buy online at comes with a guarantee card of quality assurance. They are the ONLY SITE that specifically asks its customers to open and check the package before making the payment. The customer care number provided immediately connects the buyer to the service team in case of any queries.

My experience with the first product was great, in fact, I loved it so much that I decided to go ahead and do some more shopping. What with the festive season coming and a wedding in the family, I began stocking up on some bling.

some of the rings I bought online

I love the peachy tone of this one

And this is a stunner. Absolutely jazzes up your white or plain outfit.

This is a sterling silver ring I bought online. I wear it everyday.....

This I bought for my daughter.....isn't it absolutely adorable? I kind of want to wear it myself! :-)

This kind of jewellery I only found at Jabong and you can see how much I've been loving them. This statement necklace is one of my most special buys absolute favourite.

Charm bracelets are the IN thing right now, and I've always been charmed by charm jewellery. If you like it too, or if you haven't worn it yet and want to try it out (I suggest you should), then you should definitely check out the collection at Jabong.

My latest buy from Jabong

As I'll be traveling in the next few months, I wanted a black sling that would be easy to carry and would have ample space to hold the essentials. This was quite a deal and I got some lovely discounts online.

In fact, even as I write this post, I am expecting another delivery any moment of a handbag that I've ordered. Will show it once it arrives :-)

And today, I've again ordered 2 more items - 1 a bracelet for me and a cute pendant and chain for my daughter.

Well, what do you expect? Did I tell you that there are some really super deals going on right now, with huge discounts and a lot of saving on all your purchases.

The festive season is here, and there are special offers you need to check out at Jabong to brighten up the holidays!

For some amazing discounts and offers on ALL your Christmas Shopping, CLICK HERE

New Year is just round the corner, and Jabong has some great deals and offers planned. To bring in the New Year with lots of lovely gifts and more, CLICK HERE

You've already realised by now that this is one of my most trusted and preferred sites to shop online.

Here are a few reasons why I absolutely love Jabong:

  • comfort of shopping from home
  • huge selection of products to choose from
  • smart category selection
  • different sections to choose from for men, women, kids, home n furniture, sports
  • special sections to choose from their fresh arrivals and top brands
  • Jabong also has a 'Premium' section that offers high-end products from some of the biggest international brands
  • round the year sale and offers
  • great selection of items that you may not always find on other sites
  • some of the best discounts, offers and sale ever
  • very user friendly
  • easy to search for specific items
  • very prompt delivery
  • round the clock customer service
  • allows the buyer to open and check items before paying - this is something that is not yet available with any other site
  • cash on delivery option available
  • convenient notification service in case your product is not available and you ask them to notify you once it's in stock
  • great quality of products
  • products shown on the site are exactly same to what you get
  • 30-day return policy if you wish to return the product. For more details, please check website.
You can connect with Jabong in the following ways:
Contact Team Jabong
  • For any queries related to your products, or anything else, call 0124-6128000
  • You can mail them at 
  • For any unresolved complaints, write to  
Jabong caters internationally to more than 200 countries worldwide:
For those who live outside India and would love to shop through Jabong, visit

I have absolutely loved the experience here and would love to shop at Jabong......For those of you who haven't tried out Jabong yet, or are hesitant to try online shopping, I suggest you give it a try. Do let me know about your experiences with Jabong too! :-)

(*all views expressed are mine and I have not been influenced by to write a positive review)

- Debolina Raja Gupta