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Monday, February 17, 2014

Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner: Review and Swatch

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(*for some reason the pic above is looking greenish, but in real, it is jet black)

Okay, so it's been a long long long while that I have used an eyeliner actually. I did wear a lot of eyeliner earlier, especially from Lakme, but then I got into allergies and they got so bad that I completely stopped wearing them. I used to wear liquid eyeliners a lot, but for years now, at least 2-3 years that I remember, I have switched to using a lot of kajal instead of eyeliner. Otherwise, I use a lot of eye pencils.

As I had to travel for a wedding in the family, one thing I wanted was an eye liner that I could easily wear. I am very much into eye makeup and love highlighting my eyes with kohl. But the only problem with that is that kajal wouldn't stay on too long, and I wanted something that would stay on for at least 6 hours, without fading or creasing, if not more.
So I checked out a few beauty counters and found this pen-styled eyeliner called Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner.

First look:

One of the first things I liked about the product in the first look is that it is in pen format and is very easy to carry around in terms of being compact and non-messy. Also, it promised to be a jet black, the darkest black shade possible, and that is what I was looking for.

The product claims:
  • Super long wear
  • Waterproof
  • Opthalmologically tested

Product description as on the product:

Unique tip for a super smooth, mistake proof and one stroke precise jet black like. Keep cap tightly closed. Store tip down.

Price: INR 400 for 1.2ml
the tip of the eyeliner pen

Looks just like a sketch pen from the outside, as well as from the tip. It is a very non-messy eyeliner and can be carried around easily, without the bother of the liquid spilling out or the packaging breaking. It is sleek enough to be easily dropped in your clutch. The lid is quite tight and closes sturdily, locking in the product.

The tip and application:

I absolutely loved using the liner as the tip is one of the smoothest I have ever come across. This is my first eye liner pen and previously, I have only been wearing kajal, eye pencils or liquid eye liners. I have not yet tried the gel eye liner so can't really compare this feeling to that. But as one of my main concerns was comfort while application, this product does really well on that part.
This is a super smooth tip that has just the right amount of product coming out. It will not hurt your eyes in any way, even when you are stretching out your lids and applying. The tip allows both thin as well as thick lines to be created.

the shade - Black

I picked up the liner in pure black.


The colour:

I picked it up in the shade Black and it is a pure jet black, the darkest dark. The swatch shows the colour at the first swipe. You can easily build it up to create really really dark looks.

My thoughts:

I have used the product extensively for some time now and have really been liking it. The first thing that I really love about this is that it is great for those who don't have a steady hand, as the pen form makes it really easy to apply. Also, the tip is so smooth that it creates no problem whatsoever, whether you are applying with a soft hand or a hard hand.
I wear lenses, and this eyeliner has not caused me any allergies or reactions, and no itchiness whatsoever.
The staying power is really good. I wore it for abotu 8 hours straight and even after that there was no creasing or cracking, and the colour had barely faded a bit. That too when I had applied only one swipe of the colour.
You can easily remove this with any good makeup remover. I used Biotique's cleansing milk. Washing your face with a face wash won't take it off at all.

I definitely loved it and surely recommend. Agreed it's a little pricey (actually quite pricey when I compare it to my kajals) but then, it does give a long lasting effect and creates some great looks.

Have you tried it out yet? Or planning to? Do let me know.

- Debolina Raja Gupta