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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Paper Boat Drinks: My Absolute Summer Must Have!!!!!

Yes ladies, you heard me right! This is going to be a post about a must-have for the summers...

Let me tell you this - summer is a season that I absolutely hate...I cannot stand heat I cannot stand the sun (in any weather) and I absolutely dread these months of sun n sweat and just plain makes me go nuts...

Just as I realise that summers are approaching, I kind of go off most foods and start a liquid diet, having as many liquid drinks as I can.....

On a recent flight my daughter wanted a mango juice and the only natural one the crew had was by a brand called Paper Boat. We had never heard of it before and the name was quite catchy. Also, I am very much a non-soda, non-cola person and same for my daughter. We both do not like the fizzy drinks and like the more natural ones. So, when I saw the drink came in a paper pack (paper boat?) it seemed a good choice.

She had it and she absolutely loved it. She wanted us to try it too and we (me n hubby) each had a was quite different and tasted almost as if we were having a real mango, but only in the liquid form....I know, you do think the same for Maazaa and Frooty too, right? But this one was way more natural in taste.

Well, that was the end of it...we came home and forgot all about it.....

Then one fine day, I was quite happily surprised to see a mail in my inbox from Paper Boat, asking me if I would like to try out their flavours...I was definitely ready..

The team was kind enough to send me a big goody bag filled with all their flavours....
From left to right, the flavours are:
  1. imli ka amlana
  2. jaljeera
  3. aam panna
  4. aamras
  5. kokum (they sent me 2 of these!!!!!) :-D
  6. gogappe ka pani
  7. jamun kala khatta
Imagine my happiness!

I had this lovely bag of amazing flavours chilling in my fridge, waiting for me to gulp down in this summer heat! Yumm yummm...

The drinks arrived in a beautiful jute bag

The tag line for Paper Boat is 'drinks and memories'...and I will say this is just so apt...I mean, if you look at the flavours, all, or at least most of them have in some way or the other been associated with our growing up years, and have lots of memories attached to them. I, personally, have some amazing growing up memories when it comes to all the flavours they have (I will talk about them separately as I show you each flavour). Kokum is a flavour that I have discovered in recent years, and it is one of my absolute is widely available in Maharashtra and if ever you happen to be here, do surely try it out....But wait, you don't really need to search for it anymore, right? You can just open a Paper Boat pack and sip it :-)

Look at the illustrations....aren't they absolutely adorable? They instantly transport you to the world of childhood and easy fun and carefree days of sun and friends and summers and whatnots....aah the memories they actually bring back!

The bag was secured with a drawstring....I absolutely love the bright summery colour of the bag, the material and the very desi look of the entire is so reminiscent of times when life was uncomplicated..... I must say that out of all the very many goodies and goody bags I have received over the years for a review, this was probably the one that shall remain most memorable....


Price: INR 30 for 250ml

Flavours from Paper Boat

A closer look at the flavours that you can get from Paper Boat:

As you can see from the above images, all the drinks have been showed much much much love and gulped down......Most of them I snatched away from my daughter, who would just not leave them! She only gave me a tiny sip of the Mango one (oh how I wanted more more more!!!!!) and most I snatched away from hubby and devoured - yessss....that's the word people! You will soon know what I mean and be doing just the same when you open one of these and take a sip, trust me....

The paper pack has a flip top seal at the top that you open to drink...It is pretty nicely sealed and does not leak at can also carry it along with you in your bag (I did!)

 Some instructions from the brand that you need to take note of....

Okay, so the thought process behind Paper Boat is that all these flavours are associated with some special memories and stories from our growing up days.....All the packs come with a unique story line at the back, and as you read them, you actually are transported back to those years, remembering, smelling the first rain drops on the road, smelling in the wet earth, or even feeling those dust filled evenings when all you did was play in the gulli and shout and run without a worry in the world...oh for those days!!!

And now, let's begin with the stories.....


Ingredient list:

The story behind kokum:
My kokum story:

I didn't know about kokum while growing up...we don't get it in Delhi. It is a flavour that I discovered once I shifted to Mumbai...

So for me it is a flavour that has its story in my exploration and discovery of Maharashtra, the trips I have taken to the many cities and smaller places around the state and the new sights and sounds I have seen. It is a flavour that, when I tasted it for the first time, I absolutely loved. The tang, the slight spice of it is something that makes it one of my favourite summer surely is a must-have flavour every summer.

The paper boat kokum flavour is simply refreshing. The best part is that you chill it in the fridge and open the pack to lose yourself in some cooling freshness. The spices are perfect without being of my more favourite flavours from their many....

2. Jaljeera

The story behind jaljeera:

My jaljeera story:

I have grown up sipping jaljeera throughout my younger days! Delhi summer evenings are never complete without the spicy and tangy taste of jaljeera. Visit any friend and the first thing they will most likely offer you is a cool glass of jaljeera. I remember how I used to sip on jaljeera on the way back from work, or while studying on the terrace, or even during a break while playing badminton with friends in the society.

The neembu paani carts that were there all around Delhi streets would make some of the best jaljeeras. I remember asking for some extra lemon to be added to mine. Ohh the taste...I can still feel the heat of those summer evenings at the back of my throat.....

3. Imli ka amlana


 The story behind imli ka amlana

My imli story:

Okay, so while you're in school, you almost always have these vendors outside your school who will be selling the yummiest bites ever...the story was the same outside my school too.....

There would be all these people selling tasty tidbits and our mouth would already start to water towards the end of school. Collecting and saving pocket money, we would buy those imli ki dandiyaan that would come wrapped in newspapers, sprinkled with salt to make it even more tangy and khattaaaaaa!!!! Bhaiya thoda aur namak daalo would be the mantra then, and we would see who could have the tangiest of the lot! 

Sipping this imli from the paper boat sippy made me go back to those days...literally...

4. Aam panna


 The story behind aam panna

My aam panna story:

I have always love aam pannas....ever since I first had it at home growing up in Delhi. They were the quintessential flavours of our Delhi summers. It was absolutely a given that summers and these flavours had to go hand in hand. Till date I love aam panna with an equal zest, and I make sure the golas that I have here on the beach or anywhere in Mumbai have aam panna as a main flavour.....

5. Aamras


The story behind aamras

My aamras story:

Muah favourite fruit of all times....this is one image that shall forever speak 'summer' and yet happiness to and my brother waiting for the mangoes to arrive in the shops at the beginning of each summer.....devouring the fruit with our hands and enjoying the after taste.....trying to eat fast to be able to gobble up the last piece.....summers and mangoes...still always together, for me...

This flavour happens to be my daughter's bestest flavour out of all...its sooooooo refreshing and soooo real, the only difference being that the mango is not liquid by nature.... but this drink makes it seem as if it is !

6. Jamun kala khatta


The story behind jamun kala khatta

My kala khatta story

Kala khatta is another main flavour in the golas that I have in summers.....i love the tang and the zing in it....this one from Paper Boat was like having that same kala khatta, but from a sippy instead of on the gola!

7. Golgappe ka pani


The story behind golgappe ka pani

My golgappe ki story

I was not much of a golgappa person....ya!! can you believe that!!??? like, living in Delhi and not liking or loving golgappe?? that should be a sin, yes.... i am now truly a golgappa convert...and can't tell you how much of these yummy littles i've been having :-)

one thing i don't do in the end, like the typical 'bhaiya sookha wala dena,' is that I like for the taste of the golgappe ka paani to linger long after i've moved away from the stall.....and yes, of course i do say 'bhaiya, thoda paani aur dena....'!!!!!

So, those were the Paper Boat stories as well as my very own.....I'm sure you can relate to at least one of the above stories, if not all... I truly loved these drinks and these are now a regular feature in my fridge, trust me!

Those of you who haven't tried it out yet, go and pick a flavour of your choice and give it a shot...I can guarantee you're gonna have more...

And those of you who have already had it, well......what can I say...I know you found your stories like I did :-)

And hey, I checked out their site, and it is one of the coolest I've ever come across....... check them out here for a fun read people .... The Paper Boat site

(*all the drink packs featured here were sent to me as a complimentary pack from the brand Paper Boat. I have not been paid to write this review. I was asked to sample them and say what I felt. Every opinion mentioned in this post is my own.....)

- Debolina Raja Gupta