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Monday, April 21, 2014

The TMI (Too Much Information) Tag :-)

Ya that's me :-) You know me....

And after I've watched and read countless of these, it's now my turn to do a TMI tag :-D All thanks to the lovely Radha Abhishek!

For those of you who are on YouTube, she is a lovely beauty blogger from India, and if you haven't been to her channel yet, it's time you click her up right away !!!

Here's the link to the TMI tag that she did on her channel: CLICK HERE

And now, here is my take on the same:

#1 What are you wearing
Clothes: A pair of tracks and a loose T-shirt :-)
Accessories: My watch that has little stones all around the dial and has a cream strap. A charm bracelet from the brand The Pari

#2 Ever been in love


#3 Ever had a terrible breakup

#4 How tall are you
I am 5.5

#5 How much do you weigh
After my second baby who is 8 months now, I do certainly weigh more than I I'm soon going to kick out all that extra number ;-)

#6 Any tattoos
3 - one you can see next to my wrist (in the pic above). This happens to be the last one I got (I have 2 more to get actually.) The first one I got was on the neck and it has a musical note and some stars in it. The second one I got was above my ankle and it has a bleeding heart (this one is a B&W one)

#7 Any piercings
I have my ears pierced but after the birth of my second baby I haven't been wearing earrings

#8 OTP
I shall pass this one

#9 Favourite show
I have quite a few - Damages. Entourage. Judging Amy. Roadies. Desperate Housewives. Cold Case. Brothers and Sisters. Joey. Glee.

#10 Favourite Bands
The Anupam Roy Band (they are mainly a Bengali language band), Euphoria (Indian), The Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Westlife, The Corrs, Roxette, Plain White T

#11 Something you miss
Being in different cities, I really miss my parents and my brother

#12 Favourite song
I absolutely love The Rhythm of Love by Plain White T

#13 How old are you
You guys have already read this in my other no hiding ;-) I am 33

#14 What's your zodiac

#15 Favourite actor
Salman Khan, Rahul Bose, Leonardo Di Caprio, Parambrata, Prasenjit (his current movies only) not really into movies because of the actors anymore

#16 Favourite quote
I am definitely not a quotes person

#17 Favourite colour

#18 Loud music or soft
Definitely loud

#19 Where do you go when you're sad
I sleep or go for a walk if I can't sleep

#20 How long does it take you to shower
Being a mom now, it takes me a groundbreaking 5 minutes to shower, including shampoo ;-)

#21 How long does it take you to get ready in the morning
It takes me barely 5 minutes! And if I have to really look ready ready, I need 10 minutes at the max ;-)

#22 Ever been in a physical fight
Not really

#23 What qualities do you look for in a partner
Honesty, cleanliness, the way you speak to others around you, compassion towards those who have less in others

#24 Turn on
Good perfume

#25 Turn off
Body odour, bad breath, show off, poor diction

#26 Fears
I am full of fears :-( I have a phobia of water....I absolutely detest creepy crawlies, especially lizards and others of their family...I am majorly claustrophobic

#27 Last thing that made you cry
Don't remember as such

#28 Last time you said you love someone
Right now to both my daughters

#29 What is the meaning of your youtube name
I'm not really active on Youtube, other than watching other channels

#30 The last book you read
The suspicions of Mr, Whicher or The murder at Road Hill House

#31 The book you are currently reading
The White Queen by Phillippa Gregory

#32 The last show you watched

#33 The last person you talked to
My daughters right now :-)

#34 The relationship between you and the person you last texted

#35 What is your favourite food
Rajma chawal, biryani, Chinese, Thai curry, leafy greens, Bengali food (some)

#36 Place you want to visit
Mexico, Brazil, France, Italy, South Africa, Africa

#38 Do you have a crush
Not at the moment

#39 Last time you kissed someone
Right younger baby :-)

#40 Favourite flavour of sweet 
I don't like sweets

#41 Last time you were insulted
Don't remember

#42 Favourite piece of jewellery 
I absolutely love finger rings, bracelets and neck pieces

#43 What instruments do you play
I learnt a bit of guitar

#44 Last sport you played
I am not a sporty person

#45 Last song you sang
Rhythm of love by Plain White T

#46 Favourite chat up line
Oops don't remember right now

#47 Have you ever used it
Shall pass this one

#48 Last time you hung out with anyone
With my girl friends at a local bar

#49 Who should answer these next
ALL OF YOU :-) who have a blog or a youtube do answer these....and share a link to it here in the comments below.....I would love to read it or see you in the video :-)

Lots of love to allllll of you ....... And thanks again to Radha for tagging!!!

- Debolina Raja Gupta