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Friday, May 2, 2014

Bought It !! The Beauty App You Shouldn't Live Without!

We all end up committing the sin of buying a product multiple times, even though it may not have worked for us in the past!

Admit it girls, we all love hoarding makeup and other beauty and skin care products, don't we? And not just that, there are loads of other categories where we tend to over buy. This means that even though we may not like something, the next time we see it at a store, we may not even remember that we had bought it earlier.

Keeping this in mind, the makers of Bought It thought of giving us an app that would help us keep a track of what we buy, and also our comments....

This would help you easily track products and see what did and did not work for you. So when the makers of the app told me about and asked me to share it with my readers, I felt it would really be useful!

So here's what the makers are saying: 
Now available for download Bought It!
smart phone app for IPhone(ios) users.

We all buy products because we have a need for something. For instance, girls! I have bought hairspray that states, “it will hold style all day.” I spray the product on in the morning, by afternoon it’s flat. I go to the store to buy another hair spray product and the same thing happens. I have bought so many different sprays; I forget which products I have bought in the past.  Wasting  lots of money and time!! 

Why buy something more than once if it doesn’t work for you?!

Lots of people drink wine. There is such a wide variety out there now. Do you remember what every bottle looks like, how much you paid for it, what it tastes like?! You can keep a track of this. Download a picture of the product, put where you bought it and how much you spent on it. Put comments as to what you liked and did not like about it. And please, share with your friends so they can save money too. 

If you don’t like something, do not waste money and time on it!
The various categories you can use it for:
The Bought it! app can be used for any category and any products you may use or buy, for example:

1. Beauty products - hairspray, make up, teeth whitening, tanning products, hair color, hair styles, nail polish, razors, facial creams, hair accessories, etc.
2. Clothing - shoes, shirts, pants, skirts, ties, socks, lingerie, jackets, jewelry, etc.
3.Lawn - grass seed, fertilizer, weed killer, mulch, plants, shovel, etc.
4. Cleaning supplies - floors, window, counters, laundry, bathroom, etc.
5. Misc.- vehicles, candles, all foods, wine, vitamins, spices, etc.

Lots of people carry their smart phones with them. By downloading the Bought it! app, you can have at your fingertips, products which have not worked for you and others that have. Stop buying multiple times.
The app has other options on it as well. Please look for the Bought it! smart phone application at the App store.

The app is available on the Itunes Store now. 

(*as told by the makers of the app. The author of the blog/blog post takes no responsibility for the information shared here.)

- Debolina Raja Gupta