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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening And Brightening Nourishing Night Creme: Review

Of late I have been battling severe dry skin issues. I was fine when I was younger, and any kind of moisturiser was enough to take care of my skin. As I am growing older, I can see there is a difference in how my skin reacts. There are dry patches that I can feel, though they are not yet white visible flaky patches like sometimes very dry skin can end up showing, but I do feel my skin getting stretchy.

I had heard a lot about night creams but never invested in one. I did get a sample size of the Garnier Night Cream a long time back, but didn't really use it as a night cream, and finally ended up not using it I think.

Why I bought it

I finally bought a night cream with the sole purpose of keeping my skin moisturised and properly hydrated. I was doing this till now with a regular moisturiser, but as my skin is maturing, I thought I would give the night cream a try, as so many people have been vouching for one.

About the product

I bought the Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening And Brightening Nourishing Night Creme because I was looking for a night cream that was herbal. I am now trying to reduce chemicals from my products as much as possible, and the brands that I have been using most are Biotique and Himalaya. I think this is my first 'real' product from the brand. This was the only herbal night cream I could find, so I picked it up.


What the brand claims it does


Though the brand claims that it is also a 'whitening' product, it is not what I bought it for. I feel that all these so-called 'whitening' products are a sham and are quite horrible in what they are trying to preach. That's off the topic here, but I just wanted to clarify it in case anyone takes offence.

Anyways, the brightening claim is more of a feeling of your skin looking radiant, because it is essentially hydrated. A well moisturised and nourished skin will always look radiant, no matter what cream you use.

I can't tell you about the dark spots, because I don't have them, but I do have a bit of pigmentation around my eyes that has been there for almost 10 years now, and this cream definitely didn't work on that. But then again, that is not what I bought it for.

How to use

Applying this cream is pretty much how you would do with any other. First wash and clean up your face, and since this is a night cream, make sure you have absolutely nothing on your face. Take the product and gently massage on your face and neck and snuggle into bed. That's it and you're done!


Priced at INR 375 for 60g


The cream comes in this very chic steel gray jar. It has a lovely sheen to it and the brand name is etched in silver. The packaging is really pretty.

This is undoubtedly the best part of the packaging!!! Did you see that? Yes that's me.....the lid is actually so reflective that it works like a real mirror !!!! This is something I have never seen with any other product yet. The best part about the mirror is that since I keep the night cream by my bedside, I always end up applying it just when I am about to lie down my head on the pillow. And of course I won't get out of bed again and look in a mirror and apply the cream. This is where the mirror on the lid comes most handy! Also, if you are traveling and are not carrying a mirror, you can always use this too. It is perfect to evenly apply your cream even as you lie down in bed.

It has a plastic lid that covers the cream and prevents it from spilling. Very easy to open and use.


The cream is thick and buttery yet very very very light....... The moment you apply it on your skin, it gets absorbed like a dream. I loved the consistency. It does not leave your skin feeling oily or greasy and gives you a nice happy skin feeling. A very little amount of product is enough for your entire face, trust me. And being the way it is, it does not spill out of the jar even if you are traveling. Very safe to carry it in your handbag.


The cream definitely has a fragrance but one that is very light. It smells of fresh fruits, but nothing too strong that you end up feeling like a basket of fruits. I have used some fruity smelling products in the past but had to stop as they made me feel like a fruit. That is the not the case with this one. The fragrance is very balanced, and though you get the hints of certain fruity notes in it, it is not overpowering and I actually like it. It is not too strong and will not bother the nose at all.

My take on the product

I have been using this product every night now and my skin is definitely feeling very happy. I wake up in the morning with my skin feeling nourished and wonderfully hydrated. The cream is buttery yet very light, and it is not causing any problems, even though the weather is quite humid here in Mumbai right now, as we wait for the 3 months of monsoon to arrive soon (I'm so happy for that had to put that in here lol)

It is one of my most expensive creams, but given the tiny amount I need to use, I can see that it will easily last me months on end. It is definitely worth the price.

- Debolina Raja Gupta