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Saturday, July 5, 2014

India Online Fashion Week (IOFW) 2014 In Association With Jabong.Com

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It all begins with that one word – FASHION. And instantly, anything else you may have going on seems pale in comparison.

Much as you may or may not want, this 7-letter combination has the power to change your life forever. Well, if nothing else, it can surely change your perspective and your attitude for life – completely!

You don’t have to be an all-out diva or a model to be fashion-savvy. All it takes is a penchant to understand style, which, I feel, is what looks good, rather than what the world is doing, and understanding how you can play around with that style in new and interesting ways.

Much as we would love it, of course, being fashionable does not always translate to being on the ramp, right? Hah! So here's where Jabong.Com steps in.

If you can't go in there and create the action, you can sure get the best of the action and make the most of it. This seems to be the mantra of who decided that the best way to get fashion to you, is to get it right to your doorstep!

And that is how the collab between IOFW and Jabong began - at least that's what it looks like to me!

Jabong has been synonymous with fashion that is delivered wherever you are, and I, personally, have turned from a non-online shopper to a big online shopper, all thanks to these guys. The IOFW is an initiative that aims to make fashion more accessible exclusively for those who choose to shop at Jabong.

Being one of the biggest online stores in India in fashion today, this is a one-time opportunity for designers to showcase their talent, surely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

When does this happen:

The IOFW is slated to be held from 25th July 2014 till 30th July 2014.

How does it work:

IOFW is the first of its kind initiative that is working at bringing together artists and designers and making them more connected with the regular customer who is fashion conscious. While we all love fashion and may have our own style, we may not always have access to what we are really looking for. IOFW aims at bridging that gap. The event features models, photographers, designers and hair and makeup artists, who will all come together to create some stunning pieces.

What you should look out for:
  • This is surely the first of its kind fashion week, in the world, that you can literally shop out of! 
  • Bringing forward fresh and deserving talent from across the country
  • Celebrity mentor Yami Gautam will be grooming the contestants
  • As a customer, you get the chance to shop through the entire collection that will be available at
  • Brands get better visibility and reach - the moment they launch, you can choose and buy what you like!
So if this isn't what you feel fashion should be doing, then the only alternative is to switch through those fashion channels and wish you could lay your hands on those amazing products you see. That is certainly a great option to do on a lazy day when all you want to do is be lazy and watch a glamorous model walk down in a great dress, great makeup and some great accessories, and sigh.....and sigh...


You could log on to and choose to participate in the fashion week yourself, that too in the best possible way - by picking up stuff directly from the fashion week, from the comfort of your couch.

Ouch! Can't get any better...pinky promise...!!

- Debolina Raja Gupta