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Monday, August 25, 2014

What Is Your Biggest Beauty/Skin Care Sin?

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Aaah...the sins of the world, and then there are those that WE create.......wreaking havoc on our skin, on ourselves!

We all have it, and we are all guilty of committing at least one (read some) of these beauty sin, no matter what we try and say to convince ourselves.

So without further ado, my biggest beauty sin is that I invariably forget to wear sunscreen, every single day! :( Well, almost...

Much as I try and wear it in the hottest of the summer months, I always forget to wear it during the 3 months of rain and the few months of cool weather....which, I know, as you do, is grossly incorrect.

Another beauty sin that I am definitely guilty of is wearing makeup to bed, on the few days that I do wear makeup. When I wear makeup sometimes, I usually wear a BB-cream, a kohl or colored eye pencil and some lipstick. If it's an event or something that I have to be decked up for, I will wear a BB cream, some eye shadow (though not most of the time), some colored eye pencil or kohl, bit of blush or bronzer and a lippie.

And by the time I hit the bed, I invariably forget to remove it, what with rushing to arrange dinner for the kids and getting them in bed and finishing off my work and wrapping up things on the home, by the time I do get some time, it's way past midnight and quite into the other day.....

There goes my sin story......what's yours? (I am sure you have some too) ;)

- Debolina Raja Gupta