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Monday, September 1, 2014

So Your World Revolves Around Your Zit? My Sympathies !!!

Water and TONS of salt (like a HUGE amount), in a jar/bowl of course.. dip a cotton ball into the solution, hold it on the acne for a few minutes, do it again, it is smaller and less visible

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Picture this....a pretty young girl (maybe in her teens, or a tween, or out of her teens) is talking to you...and even before she says anything really, the first thing she says is - ' Please ignore this horrible ugliness that is traumatising me these is absolutely difficult to live with it, I have tried everything I can to make my life a little less sad and pathetic, but looks like I have to carry on with this monstrosity....'

Well, that is quite a prologue right? And one that is sure to guarantee your sympathy and your shoulder to cry on and lots of nods and aahs and oohs...

I get's quite a lot for a young girl to face in this big bad terrible world, right?

IS IT ????



If you have noticed the latest trend in girls, and hello, many supposedly 'grown-up' ladies as well, having a simple zit or a pimple or a normal case of acne is a life-threatening event....

Pathetic is actually the word I should be using here, but let's just use 'hilarious' for now...

I know it sounds like a rant, and that's what this post is about...more like a rant instead of an actual blog post..

And yes, if you too are facing this life-threatening and life-changing crisis, my sympathies....go and hide now...

- Debolina Raja Gupta