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Monday, December 22, 2014

Go Glamorous This New Year With Metallic Eye-Shadows From Essence: PR Info

The brand Essence has come out with a whole new range of eye shadows that are just perfect to glam up your New Year! Branded as the metal glam eyeshadows, these are essentially, as the name suggests, highly metallic eye shadows that are available in a range of colors.

The eye shadows can be used for both day and night styles. The brand claims them to be soft and highly long lasting, giving high coverage as well (I'm assuming it means they are highly pigmented?)

Priced at just
INR 185, these are individual shadows that can easily fit into your bag or clutch. This makes it apt to carry on a fun night out, especially if you need to touch up.

Here are some popular colors that the brand is out with:

1.     Sparkling Orchids - which is a silver purple 
2.     Lucky Grasshopper - which is a mossy green 
3.     Are you Grey? - which is a greyish silver 
4.     Choco-Chic - which is a warm, chocolatey brown 
5.     Hello Goldie! - which is a pale gold 
6.     Coffee to Glow - mocha bronze  
7.     Golden Up! - white gold

I have not used any of these shadows so cannot do a review yet. Do let me know if you have tried as these look like quite a lot of fun :) 

- Debolina Raja Gupta