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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Recent Haul

Of late I've bought very few things but been getting a lot of gifts just like that..... so here's a quick look:

This I bought - the Revlon compact, as my previous one was all pan..... it has a nice fragrance too

 that's how it looks

this should not really have been mine...but I was buying a cute small bag for my daughter and saw this...and ended up picking it for myself :)

 naaaice na....and not at all pricey

 didn't work on my brown hair at all :( full on waste

 this is actually quite effective.....and again not that pricey

 this was a gift....the clutch is from only branded bag/clutch ;)

 gorgeous ones na? and have been used a lot.... again, these were gifts :) 

 the name of the shade as they appear in order in the pic above 

 the brush is okay priced but the sponges are veryyyyyyyy cheap !!!!!

 this was bought in emergency .... lol.....nail paint remove emergency

 after having used the black version forever since its launch, am now in love with the teal...stunning

this is a repurchase and very sensibly priced....and has worked the best for my dry lips (I've tried almost all brands of lip balm)

 again a gift .... the brand is Lakme and a really beautiful neutral shade

it's from the Lakme 9 to 5 series and stays on really long

the shade is scarlet drill

- Debolina Raja Gupta