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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Shopping With American Swan: Online Shopping Review

As you can see, there's a huge fashion marathon going on on the site till the end of February 2015...

I was recently contacted by the team at American Swan to try out shopping on their website. I must say that when it comes to clothes, I NEVER shop online. EVER.

You see, I'm a very safe shopper online. Of course I pay COD always....but that's not the only thing I mean when I say 'safe.' I mean that I never shop for clothes online as I'm not sure about how the size will be (different brands have different sizes) and I'm never very comfortable with my body type and how a particular piece of clothing will look me....So all that makes me stay away from shopping online. But as they really wanted me to try out something, I thought it wouldn't hurt to shop once.

(*I was given a gift card to shop but the review is honest and in no way sponsored.)

After browsing through various items, I decided to go for a long sleeved top, as these are my most favorite types of clothes. So this is what I selected (I picked this one in black though).

 You can pick up the same top HERE

Here's how it looks at the back
Navigating through the site is very easy and there are loads of styles you could choose from. My order reached me within 4-5 days of purchasing it online, which I feel is quite good.

About My Purchase On Ths Site:
The site has clear references to what it is selling and is very easy to navigate. You have COD options which I feel is very important to create a sense of a secure purchase. 

The dress was really nice, and thankfully, I was happy with the size as well as the fit. No complaints there whatsoever, and it looked exactly the way it did online. The  material was very comfortable and it is a dress that I can wear on its own as a simple top or jazz up with some layering or accessories.

I also did check out their bag and jewelery sections but looks like they are still working on that. American Swan is mostly into clothes, hence almost all of their site is about some amazing, fun and every day fashion ideas...

American Swan are always running some or the other discount, so you'll always get yourself a great bargain....And the best part is...almost ALL their stuff is very reasonably priced, so you do get a lot of good deals there! 

Here are a few things I really liked on the site....

You can buy this HERE

You can buy it HERE

You can buy it HERE

I absolutely love the fresh and young appeal of the clothes the site has to offer. Personally for me, not all the clothes might work, as I'm a very play-it-safe and scared to experiment with clothes kind of a person. But you should definitely try out American Swan especially as they have some awesome summer dresses! 

- Debolina Raja Gupta