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Monday, July 6, 2015

Limeroad Blog Fest: How I Want To Brighten Up My Monsoon

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For me, rains are all about reminiscing and getting cozy - it's almost certainly and unfailingly a hot cuppa of my favorite adrak chai, or ginger tea if you would like to call it, plus reading an old paperback or sitting next to the window watching the rain drops and listening to some beautiful tracks.......I also love the smell of the wet earth and it is one of the most anticipated smells when the rains travel from far-off places and spill over my's bliss....

What I also love about monsoon is that given the weather turns the day into a kind of greyish and dull tone, there is so much I can do with colors in terms of clothes and accessories. So, when Limeroad told me of this interesting blog contest where I get to talk about monsoon and choose some fun picks from their site, I thought it would make a great monsoon blog here are some picks that I think are perfect monsoon hits.

1. Yellow Shorts

The first product I would love to recommend is a bright yellow pair of shorts. Shorts are great bottom wear when it comes to the monsoon months. They don't get dirty, and you can always pair them up with your flip flops and yet look so stylish (I will get back to flip flops too)...Plus I really loved the bright lemony yellow color of this pair of shorts - just perfect to brighten up any dull rainy day. You can buy these bright beauties here

2. Navy Blue And White Striped Tee

I loved this basic V-line tee for the fact that it is so simple, yet it will so beautifully compliment every other piece that I pick up. The best part about the tee is that it is half-sleeved, which means you won't have to worry about the sleeves sticking to your skin if they get wet, or having to roll them up all the time in the rain. It's an easy, light and breathable tee that will not take away attention from those bright shorts I shared above. You can buy the tee here.

3. Flip Flops!!! Yaaaaa :)

Who doesn't love flip flops? They are the ultimate style statement paired with just the right amount of comfort and laziness, and what better footwear to wear on a rainy day than a pair of flip flops? I found this gorgeous pair here that will go so beautifully with the yellow shorts. Kind of matching matching with those blue prints to match the rain.

4. Neckpiece 

Rains don't mean you don't flaunt your jewelry, it just means you wear the right ones ;) And I think keeping the bright yellow theme alive, this yellow neckpiece will make the perfect addition to the entire dress. You can buy it here.

5. Umbrella

Umm yes, since we do happen to talk about the rains, I guess this cute and very girlie umbrella will just do the trick :) You can buy it here.

- Debolina Raja Gupta