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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My First Patchwork Home Decor And Home Linen Piece: Brightening Up The Home With Illuminate

See the outstanding burst of colours up there? It's mine!!! Jealous? Oh yes, I would be....and I am happy too for this actually, as finally, FINALLY, I have my very first patchwork piece of art, and in just the mix of colours I would have absolutely loved...

So before I even tell you about what this is and why I am so fascinated, let me tell you that for those of you who follow me on the blog and on all my other social media (thanks a bunch if you do though!), you already know that I am a sucker for everything artsy and ethnic and cultural and anything that has to do with natural blends and mixes or traditional and vintage value. From hand-woven sarees to khadi and jute, I veer more towards such pieces that are not the regular variety we see these days.

It was on a chance trip to the beautiful township of Lavasa in Maharashtra that I happened to finally find my first piece of patchwork art. It was raining, and what better getaway than to get in your car and head out to the hills and the clouds? That is just what we did, and this time, just on a lark, we decided to visit Lavasa, which was a first and which was not really on our destination list but we still about co-incidence!

We spent the day lazing and relaxing and enjoying with the clouds and the water body, and it was all in good fun that we were strolling through their bazaar at almost the end of the day. So me and daughter obviously have to check out all stalls, especially if it has a bazaar feel to it, and we decided to stroll around only, mind you, not looking to buy anything at all. So it was that we were checking the stalls when I noticed this beautiful burst of colour somewhere in the periphery of my vision. I looked up to see this huge spread on the wall, done up in patchwork of varying shades and styles. Of course I was drawn to it!

As I approached the stall with my older daughter, we were met by this charming pair of a beautiful and enthusiastic lady and a salt-n-pepper and ready with a smile gentleman. It seemed they would be interested in telling us more about their art and what they were doing there, so I did ask them if they could show me something more in patchwork, not really expecting them to tell me a lot, as I have not usually come across people who like to do much talking while they are busy selling, but all they want is a quick sale, but here it seemed I met two souls who were as passionate about their art as I was about appreciating it.

I was glad that I decided to ask more, and as we started speaking, I got to know that the gentleman had left his corporate job to finally come together with his wife, the lovely lady who was there with him at the stall, and do something that would further fuel their passion - bring forth such beautiful art pieces to people all across the country through their label called Illumine.

Must say that this is one lovely artsy couple I met, Aabha and Aakash to be precise, and the best part is that they are based in Mumbai and if you happen to be in Mumbai too, or are visiting, you can actually get in touch with them on their social media page, by CLICKING HERE

Now that I told you how we met and that it was so worth going up to them and chatting up, first take a look at what beauty I brought back home with me!!!

This piece is a table runner that I absolutely adore, and that I have used once and has already become the envy of friends. I am planning to use it in a few different ways, so once I do that and if I do, I will surely update it here.

There is another story to getting the table runner, one that I am sure you will love and want to try out for yourself. So my main objective was to pick up a huge bedspread with the patchwork design, but I had also desperately been looking for a beautiful table runner for some time, which I was not able to find anywhere, at least nothing to my liking. While I was going through the bedspread from Illumine, I casually asked Aabha if she would happen to have a table runner too in the patchwork theme, and guess what, she did...AND get this - the lady actually gave it to me as a gift! No, not as a one-off favour mind you, but the fun part about Illumine is that they actually surprise you by handing out a free something along with the purchase that you will why haven't I ever come across something like this before????? More reasons for you to get in touch with them and head over to check out their gorgeous products, right?

I love the way the gold mixes in with the browns and the royal colours here...and the patterns are absolutely something to die for.

Here's a look at how the table runner looks from a distance....a blend of colours and patterns that are so different from each other but that come together and blend so perfectly.

And here's the gorgeous bedspread that we ALL unanimously loved! I love the burst of gold that merges with the maroon at the borders and how well it highlights the patchwork in the center. Each individual piece of the patch art is special, as it brings together a blend of colours and designs and styles that all complement each other as a single piece as well as maintain their individuality. The bedspread comes as a full set and has four cushion covers too.

Check it out...isn't it gorgeous?

Of course I am really happy that I finally have it as mine, but I am also super happy that I got talking to both Aabha and Aakash. And mind you, once you visit them at their store in Mumbai's R-City Mall (all details on their FB page that I have linked above), make sure you speak to them to learn more about what they do and why they do it.....Trust me they would love to chat with you :)

Also, here's a look at some more of their pieces that their customers swear by...

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- Debolina Raja Gupta