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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

#LipLove Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick In Runway Red And Lotus Herbals Lip Gloss In Shade Ice Cube #LakmeAbsoluteCremeLipstick #LotusHerbalsLipGloss

Don't those lips look absolutely beautiful? I mean, yes I know I'm pouting, but that's because I loooove the coloours.

So here, I am wearing the Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick In Runway Red and Lotus Herbals Lip Gloss In Shade Ice Cube

Let me say this is the first time I bought and had the courage to use a lip gloss - I look pathetic when I wear them, I remember I had tried it only once or twice, way more than a decade back! (ya i know I am old old old!!)

Some time back I really had this desire to wear a bit of lip gloss, so I bought this one in clear shade, which is called Ice Cube. I'll do the detailed reviews later, but for now, I'll say this is a non-sticky gloss, which I love :)

The lipstick from Lakme I got as a gift when I purchased two other products from the same brand, in the Lakme Absolute range. And must I say I loooov it too... I'm all for red lip colours, so this of course is one of my favs...and it's a real nice colour that will go great with all Indian skin tones, stays on for a really, I mean, reallllyyyyyyy long time, and smells nice too (smells like caramel which I personally don't like, but it's still nice). And it's also very creamy so doesn't dry out lips - detailed review soon :)

Like my lips? Let me know ;)

And remember, before you are ready to flaunt those lip colours, make sure you keep your lips moisturized and show them the love and care they deserve :)

This is my favourite one by the way :)

- Debolina Raja