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Thursday, July 14, 2016

#LookOfTheDay Styling My Zebra Print Shirt From #UCB #UnitedColorsofBenetton

 image is my own, please do not use without asking

Suddenly, everyone seems to be wearing the classic black and white print, and as always, I'm kind of smug and happy in the knowledge that hello, I have been wearing this combination for so long now ;) once a show off always a show off....right? ;)

So this was a sudden outfit I pulled on, not much of a brainer here really but one that cannot go wrong. It was for a quick hop and drink with a friend and I got ready in barely 10 minutes flat - 10 minutes including wearing clothes, combing my hair (which I rarely do) and putting on my lippie and kajal.

I absolutely love the shirt, especially as it's of really soft material, and I've been wearing it a lot and getting quite a lot of compliments too. You can also check out the Levi's 711 skinny jeans that I have paired the shirt with - for jeans, I wear nothing but Levi's and will absolutely recommend the brand (no, I'm not being sponsored, though I wish)  ;)

The jeans are the skinniest fit jeans from Levi's and the shirt as I mentioned is from United Colors of Benetton. The shoes are some local brand that I picked up at the Central Mall and the purple slip I'm wearing is again a local buy from some random store. The bag hahahaha is from street shopping in Malayasia ;) so me....

By the way it's been raining like elephants and hippos and blue whales here in Mumbai (and I love it) but I will still only be wearing my boots and my stylish crocs or gum boots or chappals for me will do sorries....

I love the gorgeous lippie here...its from L'Oreal and is a stunning absolutely matte creamy red....pure red with cool blue undertones....and this is after I wore it for like three hours and drank and ate and had no touchups...naaice :) debo loves... you can see how much I love this lip colour coz I ended up posing just like that, to show off my me again! It's the L'Oreal Color Riche Matte 330 CocoRico

Oh and hey by the way, being the kind that I am who does not believe in spending much on such things yet always wants to look good and stylish and presentable, every single item was bought on huuuuuuuuge discounts....except the jeans which turned out to be a funny story, which I'll tell you later.....

- Debolina Raja