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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Morning Cup Of Tea By #EcoLife

Everyone who knows me knows that I just love my tea - whether it is the regular heavy ginger, some milk and no sugar Indian tea, or my green and calming teas such as chamomile and jasmine, I am an out and out tea lover (that reminds me I am soon going to share my review about two types of chamomile tea, one from #TeaTrails and the other from #TeaMe).

So when on a recent trip to the mall I spotted this cute green cup, I was really left with no choice but to pick it up.

As the cup already mentions, it is by a brand called Eco Life and it also comes with a wooden lid that you can use to cover this cup, or use as a coaster as well. Interesting.

I'm really loving having tea in this, especially my chamomile tea. It heats easily in the microwave and holds a good amount of tea, just the way I like.

It costs INR 199 and if you are like me, a tea or even a coffee person, maybe you would like to pick it up :)


- Debolina Raja