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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Quick Makeup And Wellness Haul From Aplava.Com #SiteReview #ColorEssence #Revlon

*all images are clicked in natural light

Some weeks back, I noticed a new site name on various beauty and wellness channels - apparently, there is a new e-commerce site called Aplava.Com, where you can buy a range of beauty, wellness, care and many more products.

How Aplava Is Different From Other Beauty Sites
Before you think it's just another online shopping site, let me tell you that this is a beauty, wellness and care site with a difference, and I loved the concept quite a lot. So, as a user, you first need to register yourself, and when you do so, you will get a few info tabs where you can fill up your personal beauty details, such as your skin type, hair type, preferences, any skin issues you have, any type of product you specifically look for and more.

Specific Product Recommendations
The team has a group of professionals who will take your details into considerations and send you product recommendations based on your needs. As a result, you get something like a customized list of products that can help take care of your skin and hair and enhance your beauty, in a way that will ease your care woes and give you the look you want.

Additional Benefits
When you shop on Aplava, you don't just get a huge range of products to choose from along with a personal detailed list of what you should try out (I looooooved the range of products they have!!), you also get free gifts! Yes - over every order of INR 999, you are eligible for free sample products that they will send across. Do read the terms and conditions in case something changes later.

Ease Of Shopping And Ordering, Plus Delivery
I found the site very user friendly and not cluttered at all, which makes it easy to look around and also find new products you may not have been aware of. They also have a very fast shipping, which means the products will arrive quite fast, at the most within 3 to 5 days :)

I received my products wrapped securely in a cardboard box which was absolutely in good condition, especially given the kind of monsoon and flooding we are experiencing here in Mumbai right now. Everything is flooded and I was worried that the packaging might get soiled or that something would be wrong, but, as you can see in the images, everything is in absolutely good condition :) A happy Debo!

Products I Ordered
Here's a quick look at what I got:

1. Kronokare Provencal Lavender Smooth (ening) Operator Body Lotion - I am a big fan of lavender based products, and I have dry skin that is acting out a lot these days, now that I am officially old(!). It is true that once you reach your late 20s, your skin can start changing too, from dry to suddenly oily, vice versa, or suddenly combination and suddenly dry or oily again. I am way past my late 20s, in fact, I'm in my late 30s as many of you have read earlier already, I'm 35 to be precise, and my facial skin, which was really really dry earlier, has started to turn nice and soft all of a sudden (hahaha, benefits of getting old I guess, let's see how long this lasts). But my hands, especially my palms, are always dry, and the fact that the scent of lavender is so soothing (helps ease my migraine and hyperactiveness), is also the reason why I want products that contain lavender. I am also a big fan of natural and organic products, hence this moisturizer was a complete yes for me the moment I saw it. I've never tried it earlier, so I will use it for some time and share the review on whether or not it worked for me.

2. Revlon Highlighting Palette In Shade Peach Glow - Hello, you all know how much I LOVE MAKEUP so obviously I couldn't resist the urge to go for this palette, especially as it is being quite talked about, and because I generally was not able to find this shade on a few other sites (owing to being out of stock!). But the moment I saw it on Aplava, I ordered it immediately. I love warmer tones and the biggest reason for this particular one was the yellow brick in this palette. I am going to definitely wear this soon, so do come back for the review.

3. ColorEssence Aqua Makeup Base In Shade Pink LF 4 - Again a product that I have not tried before, but because I do not wear foundation at all, I thought I would give it a try and see if it is a natural and lightweight one. Still to try out, and while the shade may look a little too fair for me, I tried it a little and seems a perfect match. Will share review and look soon :)

4. ColorEssence Eye Shade In Shade Vibgyor Matt - Don't you people already know I love eyeshadows and colours? :) No surprise here, but this was a new colour that I didn't see on other sites, so of course I wanted to try it out. Plus the fact that I have not used a ColorEssence eyeshadow ever, so I ordered this one too. Look and review to come up soon.

Some Products I Suggest You Look At
I am a certified insomniac (yes, medically certified nonetheless!) so I'm always walking around with dark circles, and while I was searching for a good under-eye dark circle cream, I came across this one on the site that most of you can benefit from.

If you've been on the blog earlier or read any of my hair related post, you'll know that I have dry hair. So this is another nice product I found on the site, a shampoo that will work great for dry hair. I suggest you give it a try.

Why I Loved The Site

I loved the fact that the site has a host of products and brands that I was not aware of, and most of the items that are shown are in stock, unlike a lot of sites that have them out of stock. Also, there are lots of wonderful brands, especially the natural and organic ones that I absolutely loved and will surely get again. One more thing, the products that you see on the site and the description match the products in real.

I had a lovely experience shopping and browsing on the site, and I will definitely recommend it to you, if you are looking for makeup or beauty products, or for general and genuine wellness and organic ones. 

- Debolina Raja Gupta