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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Recent Haul And Items Sent By Brands, Featuring #Oriflame #Limeroad.Com And #Amazon.Com

So about three months back I got a few products online and was also sent a lovely package by Oriflame. As I was traveling a lot and was also facing some health issues, could not come up with the haul post earlier, so here I am now and let's see what all I got then....

Also, most products were purchases during the sale period, so I ended up saving big time...and yes, there was no just like that shopping, I really needed these so picked them up... just saying ;)

As you can see, the shopping I did was online, on two of my favourite sites, for dresses and Amazon.In for some hair care and such. It is definitely established that these two are by far the best online sites for me, Amazon mainly for the books I keep buying and Limeroad for the dresses...

Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist
I bought this from Amazon, 150 ml of product for INR 750.

The Nike Basic Woman Deo In Scarlet.
This is priced at INR 249 for 200 ml.

This is clearly one of my favourite blush and bronzer - the colour payoff is really good, and even though it is expensive, I picked it up during an Amazon sale and got a super deal.

I lost my earlier eye patch, a pretty one with electric blue lining :(  Given my major insomnia and migraine issues, I desperately needed a new one. So this one I picked from Amazon and it cost me about INR 120. You can get a really nice one here.

 Ummm.....ahhhh....I really really love this one....and the best part is, I got it for free ;)  hahahaha.... so the deal is that I bought someone a Davidoff perfume and this one came free with of course Miss Debo had to keep it lol .....Here are the scents for you to try out.

I was sent this lovely product by the PR team at Oriflame. It is the Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow.

 I think these are the WORST purchases I have had from Lakme. There is only one place they deserve to be in - the BIN !!!! Really pathetic, especially when they are priced at INR 400 EACH and last for only A

I bought the red lip liner (which can also double up as a lip filling colour) and the gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous red lipstick (which comes in a cream jumbo pencil form) from the brand Colorbar. The shade for the lip liner is Perfect Maroon and the shade for the lipstick is Take Me As I Am and is a really bold red....just perfect! This is such a gorgeous shade and here is the entire range that you can choose from.

This gorgeous and very pretty cream eye shadow was sent to me by the PR team of Oriflame. It can act as a base for your darker eye shadows as well as work as a highlighter or an eye shadow. It's really really good so I do suggest you try it out.

Look at this beauty...isn't it absolutely something that every girl should have in her stash? This again was sent to me by the lovely PR team at Oriflame. It's a blush and highlighter duo and can also double up as an eye shadow...absolutely stunning !!! I do recommend you try the Oriflame The One IlluSkin Blush at least once.

This gorgeous palette was also sent to me by the wonderful PR team at Oriflame. I love the combination of the greens and the browns...such a useful palette and there is so much you can do with this one.....the golds and greens are absolutely stunning, and I have used it a lot lot looks will come up soon :)

I bought this bronzer from Chambor. Its highly pigmented and does a great job.

Ya I know it looks frumpy here but its a wonderful bright yellow long shirt that I bought especially before my trip to the beach. I used it as a cover up over my tiny shorts and it also makes a great top otherwise too, that you can wear with skinny jeans or even with your shorts. And it's priced at just about INR 300 that I picked from a local store.

Umm I am not really sure about this one, coz I bought it because of the neonish colour but the look didn't really stay long, it kind of faded in a few washes. Also, the fact that the top lost its shape and become literally shapeless has made it quite unappealing to me.

I bought this dress from Limeroad.Com and really like it. The sad, or actually good too, part is that I have lost a lot lot lot of weight after I bought this, which now makes the fit not so good :(  But I still wear it and love it.

So I bought this neckpiece from Limeroad.Com BUT I didn't like it really. The only problem is that on the site, it looked quite classy and big and heavy, but in real, it looks quite cheap, is very light weight and looks absolutely too blingy and not at all how it looked on the site. So I was really disappointed with the jewelry collection on the site, and will only stick to their dresses.

- Debolina Raja Gupta