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Monday, November 28, 2016

#LookOfTheDay Semi-Casual Weekend Meeting: What I Wore And Where To Shop, Featuring #Amazon Dress And #Nike Sports Shoes

image is my own, please do not use without asking - be nice :) 

I know.... it definitely doesn't look like I am heading for a meeting, right? But what do you expect on a Saturday, especially if you're always the type who would want to make the best use of the weekend and also add in a party or get together with friends once the work is done?  ;)

You all know my love for black, so no surprise here that I chose to wear a #Blackdress to a meeting. But honestly, even though I love some amount of heels and my love for #boots is eternal, I also love my #sportshoes. So these bright fuschia pink pairs from #Nike

image is my own, please do not use without asking - be nice :) 

I couldn't find the exact dress on Amazon, which is where I got this from, but here is the link to the closest match. The one I am wearing is turtle neck, has a bit of a sleeve and ends about mid-thigh. The one I am sharing here in the link is absolutely similar.

image is my own, please do not use without asking - be nice :) 

I love these shoes! I mean, not only are they really reallyyyy comfortable, they are sooooo cool to look at (and you know what a vain creature I am, right?). So the fun part was that while people were checking out my tattoos a lot, they were actually also really really checking out my shoes, and some were even showing them to others..... fun ;)

I got mine from a Nike store near my place, but you can easily find them online as well. Here are a few links you may like to check out, if you're looking for some amazing shoes.

The first one in the links below is the one that I was contemplating - this and the pink I finally bought. Trust me, these also look really pretty...

I wore absolutely no accessories, but just my tattoos :) And yes, the dress had a belt attached to it, which gave it a nice snug fit, so I din't add anything. I paired it with my huge #bucketbag from #Promod and that's all.

- Debolina Raja Gupta