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Monday, February 13, 2017

Fun Bandana And Pop Skirt Dressup #StreetShopping #MumbaiStreetShopping

Check this out... I have forever wanted to wear a bright colour and a bohemian look. and guess what I found at the local handicraft street mela?

and as most of you will know, this is such a deviation from my regular love of black and all things dark ;)

A prettttyyyyyyy green based tribal skirt with amazing tribal motifs. And that headband that I am wearing is also something I picked up from another stall. at that time i did not buy it to match anything, but just picked it up like that. but what a coincidence! :)

this was the initial look (of course i didn't wear these home slippers outside - btw, these home slippers are 4 years old! and i had bought them for about INR 900 as these are the ones you wear to get minimum pressure on your soles).

so here i am wearing a pair of leggings that i bought at #Hypercity about 2 years back for INR 500 and the top I bought from #Lifestylestore for INR 200. The neckpiece i got from another art exhibition at a Mumbai museum #DrBhauDajiLadmuseum i bought it for INR 200.

the bangles are silver ones i bought in Kolkata and the rings are also silver that I picked up from a Tibetan market in Goa.

just paired it first with the bandana

i love the pop of colour it gives :)

just tried it on with the top i was wearing to see the fit. will be wearing it with a black turtleneck.

- Debolina Raja Gupta