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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Oriflame The One Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lip Glosses #Oriflame #TheOne #LipSensation #VinylGel Lip Glosses - All 7 Shades Swatches

So a few months back, pretty recently though, Oriflame came out with a new range of lip colours. Called The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel, these are highly pigmented and glossy lip colours that come in a liquid form.

The range comes in super shiny gloss, which is the ones I have and will swatch here, and also a matte range (I am yet to try those out).

Here I am, with all the 7 shades in their cute packaging. The cardboard packaging mentions the shade name and the price.

They are priced at INR 699 for 5 ml of product. Let me tell you that the lip glosses are reallyyy tiny, but yes, they are also SUPER PIGMENTED. All the swatches you will see below are just one swipe of colour.

Here are the 7 shades (from L to R): 

  1. Tangerine Tango
  2. Malibu Blush
  3. Sunset Burst
  4. Pink Mambo
  5. Hot Flamingo
  6. Magnetic Magenta
  7. Purple Rumba

All the swatches shown below are in the order of shades mentioned in this image:

The colours are very buildable and not sheer, as you can see in the images below. However, the one problem I have with this entire range is that, unfortunately for me at least (I don't know whether others like this feature or not), ALL the colours in this range are SUPER STICKY. This is the only one problem I have with this range and the only one thing that I absolutely do not like and wish Oriflame will take note of in future.

The colours are so sticky that you can't speak without your lips sticking together, and yes, that irritating thing about your hair coming and sticking on your lips!!!! :(

A fun thing I noticed is that for each shade, you get a different flavour and taste on your lips. The colours do not suddenly fade away, nor do they leave a smudge or tint as they vanish off. However, they fade away evenly and without creating a patchy look.

Also, you have to be very careful while applying, especially because it is very sticky in consistency.

About the shades:

I feel that Oriflame has managed to capture majority of the young crowd with their choice of shades, as they range from a very light peach to a bright bubblegum pink and a beautiful deep magenta (I can't stop wearing that one!!!!). Also, even though the shades are very very glossy (which makes it perfect for night and party wear), you can tone them down by just dabbing a tissue lightly, and you are good to go. I did it a lot when I wore the colours during the day.

Staying power:

As with any other lip gloss, the colours will stay for about 3 to 4 hours, IF you do not eat or drink anything. They will also transfer a lot, and very easily too. As the packaging is very tiny and cute, you can easily drop it in your handbag or clutch, or even in your pocket for that matter :)


As you can guess from my face here in the pic above, I love this shade :)

This one below, Purple Rumba, is my absolute favourite of all the 7 shades!

Will I buy again?

The only shade I will probably buy again is the Purple Rumba (the reason being that I am not a fan of the sticky colours). But yes, I definitely want to try out the matte range of the same name.

- Debolina Raja