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Friday, November 24, 2017

Beauty Is Imperfect, But Think Before You Buy Those Products

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I am one of those imperfect souls who believes that beauty is always at its best when it is not perfect.

I love makeup, I love loads of products that are about skincare, wellness, essential oils, hair care and so on, and I have always said so.

But, I am also extremely wary of what I am using, and most of the times I do not spend a lot on any product, as I feel simple home remedies and simpler products and brands can also work as amazingly as brands that are really high end.

The reason I am saying this is...

I am going to come up again with a lot of reviews about various products, including makeup and more. However, I would say that while all of them look really appealing, please do not get carried away and buy only what you really think you would use or need.

I know how easy it is to get tempted with images and reviews, and I for one have many times felt like I want it all....but I have learned how to control those cravings (that's what they are to me at least).

So yes, do read do enjoy do let me know if you like it and yes, if you buy it, do tell me about it too :)

- Debolina Raja