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Hey girls,

Apart from my blog, I've also been associated with StyleCraze for some time now.

More than the commercials and the media updates about new launches and products that are already out there in the market, I've always liked reading 'real' reviews from beauty enthusiasts who've used a certain beauty/makeup/care product, and to be honest, real reviews are always more genuine and appealing for me. It was for that very reason that I landed up on the StyleCraze page, and for those of you who haven't been there yet, here's the link:

From a reader, I've now become a contributor and beauty writer for StyleCraze, and here is a list of all the topics I've written about. These are different from what I have here on my blog, so if you would like to, do have a look. I hope these articles help you in some way or the other, just as other writings helped me.

All the below mentioned articles are the sole property of author Debolina Raja Gupta, in association with StyleCraze, and using these anywhere in any form without the permission of the author or the site shall be considered an offence.

Hair Styles:
  1. 4 simple hairstyles for kids with short hair
  2. 5 simple bridal hairstyles for curly hair
  3. 4 formal hairstyles for girls
  4. 3 super quick hairstyles for long hair
  5. 5 simple daily hairstyles for long hair beauties
  6. 7 unique braided hairstyles for girls
  7. 7 awesome hairstyles for girls with long hair
  8. 5 hairstyles for brides with round faces
  9. 10 stylish hairstyles for long thin hair
  10. 10 very short hairstyles that you should definitely try
  11. 8 casual hairstyles for medium length hair
  12. 8 stylish and trendy long hairstyles for school girls
  13. 10 formal hairstyles for really long hair 
  14. 8 different hairstyles to complement your saree
  15. best celebrity hairstyles - my top 10
  16. 12 interesting hair accessories to try
  17. 10 hair buns for short hair with styling tips 
  18. 6 fabulous bridal hairstyles for short hair
  19. 8 hairstyles for short curly hair
  20. hairstyle tips for different hair types 
  21. 8 latest haircuts for long hair 
  22. curly hairstyles for women over 40
  23. 8 celebrity bridal hairstyles that you can try too 
  24. 9 funky hairstyles for medium length hair
  25. 7 emo hairstyles for girls with medium hair
  26. the ultimate guide to short wavy hairstyles 
  27. permanent hair staightening: what, when and how
Home Remedies / DIY:
  1. 10 simple home remedies for cracked heels
  2. 5 ways to keep your feet blister free this summer
  3. best natural beauty tips - our top 10
  4. 8 most popular shahnaz hussain beauty tips for pimples
  5. 5 yoga asanas that fight ageing
  6. 6 yoga poses to fight skin problems
  7. 15 herbal beauty tips for glowing skin
  8. how to treat pigmentation of skin on face
  9. causes of pigmentation on face and the associated preventive measures

Beauty / Makeup:
  1. what is nail buffing and how to do it at home
  2. 10 must-follow tips to get glowing skin for brides 
  3. 15 bad beauty habits you should break right now 
  4. how to fake cleavage using makeup 
  5. too dark foundation? how to fix it
  6. is your foundation too light? here are 8 ways to fix it
  7. looking for beauty tips that can save you money? we have 25 such tips
  8. 10 beauty apps you should definitely try
  9. 5 ways to beautify your skin even while you sleep
  10. 10 red carpet beauty secrets that you can use everyday
  11. 5 steps to prep your skin for makeup
  12. best stick foundations available in India - my top 7
  13. 8 things to consider for your bridal makeup package
  14. 10 best summer makeup and beauty products
  15. top 5 sunscreens for oily skin available in india
  16. 8 best smelling lip balms available in India 
  17. best soaps for dry skin - our top 6 choices 
  18. best nail cuticle creams available in India 
  19. 10 top secret backstage makeup tips 
  20. vibrant eye shadows 
  21. how to store makeup 
Hair Care:
  1. best shampoos available in India - our top 10 pick 
  2. 10 ways to protect your hair from the summer sun
  3. 6 winter hair care tips you should definitely follow
  4. 5 easy to follow shahnaz hussain hair care tips
  5. 10 extremely effective tips to have really good hair
- Debolina Raja Gupta